Personalizing Through Digital Marketing

By January 5, 2018digital marketing

Technology is here to stay and as a result marketing companies are adapting their strategies in order to keep up in this fast-paced world in which we all live. Digital marketing has changed the way businesses and consumers are affected by ads and other marketing campaigns.

We live in the age of personalization and our online habits are used as the tool to do so. So whether or not you have noticed, most of the ads you see are meant to be seen personally by you and it’s not as scary or bad as you might think.


Personalization in marketing was not necessarily impossible for the previous marketing generation but it was definitely less exact and a lot harder to realize. Thinking about a time before Google and Facebook knew everything about our online habits may be difficult or mythical for most of us. This was a time when most ads were printed not online.

Shocking, right?

But because these ads were usually viewed in print and made it difficult for an advertising agency to know whether its desired audience was actually viewing their ads. Today, thankfully, that mystery is usually solved by digital marketing. Through algorithms and boring statistics stuff, agencies now know how to target their audiences.


Yes, the word “targeting” is kind of frightening and may make you feel like a hunted animal but it is actually beneficial to you as well. There are so many different ads out on the internet that if you were to get bombarded with every single one you would drown in shampoo advertisements alone.

Thanks to marketing agencies you only really see the ads that will probably benefit you. Personalization through digital marketing works to benefit the consumer as well and that is the main focus; reaching you, the consumer.


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