If You’re Not Blogging, You’re Successfully Doing Your Brand ZERO Favors

By March 12, 2015advertising, Blogging, SEO

Any one of America’s many marketing agencies will be more than willing to talk your ear off about the importance of blogging in today’s digital world of communication. Unbeknownst to hermits, the socially inept and those creepy adults who continue to live with the confines of their parents respective basements, blogging isn’t only for soccer moms with too much time on their hands; it’s for everyone, especially up-and-coming businesses.

Simply put, if you’re looking to increase your market reach and attractivity with the United States’ most powerful entity — The Google Machine — blogging is a must. Though the practice requires a great deal of upkeep, your guaranteed increase in productivity, revenue and digital recognition will be well worth the time and effort.