Why You Need a Video Distribution Strategy

Everyone knows just how important videos are when it comes to marketing, but do you know how to fully utilize your completed project to get the results that you’re looking for? Video production companies work hard to create high-quality videos that help brands reach new audiences and connect with their current consumers, but it takes more than just uploading your video to YouTube and Vimeo. This is why video production companies use what are called distribution strategies.

Distribution strategies are the reason marketing companies are so successful. The way that a company strategically distributes their content is what draws in audiences and keeps current ones loyal to your brand. If you’re looking to use video content to market your brand, here is why you need a video distribution strategy.

It Targets Your Users

Distribution strategies make it easier to target users that will potentially be interested in your content. It also helps your brand easily recognize what these potential viewers want to see, which helps video production companies create the perfect content tailored to those audiences.

When posting on social media, tools like Facebook’s Ad manager can help you target certain interests or likes so that you can build up an audience and increases your post engagement. You should also use SEO strategies to optimize your videos so that your search engine ranking rises.

You Can View Metrics

Outlining your metrics is essential in creating a solid distribution strategy. Once your video is posted online, you’ll use the metrics to gauge your videos’ success. While looking at the videos’ reach and engagement is important, you should also pay attention to stats such as the number of video starts, average view times, and the number of viewers.

You’ll Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Creating a distribution strategy also helps you achieve your marketing goals. Video production companies will always ask you what the main purpose of your video is, and that will determine what approach they will take in creating your video project. By creating a quality distribution strategy, you’ll be able to narrow down the appropriate platforms to post on.

Going Viral Takes Work

The most experienced video production companies know that going viral is a lot harder than it sounds; going viral isn’t a strategy, more so a goal. You have to ask yourself questions such as how you’re going to achieve that goal, how you’re going to reach your audience, and if you’ll use paid or earned media.

Creating a distribution strategy will help your brand grow indefinitely, and you’ll see an opening in your creative and communication channels. If you’re in need of a professional video production team to help you create a distribution strategy, give us a call here at Fusion 360 Studios.

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