What Sets Fusion 360 Apart?

By October 29, 2018Uncategorized

Digital marketing is taking the world by storm, and with traditional marketing methods becoming less effective when compared to digital advertising, brands have to act quickly if they want to stay relevant. People don’t read papers as much as they used to and TV ads aren’t as effective as they once were; streaming platforms are on the up and up, so what is there to do?

One solution is to look into video production companies to help you create relative content to boost your brand online.

Today, video is the dominant form of advertising. From Facebook to YouTube, video ads are something that we see every day on the web. So, if you’re looking to grow your following, increase your traffic and keep your business growing strong, here is why you should get in contact with us here at Fusion 360 Studios.

We are Ahead of the Competition

While other video production companies and other digital ad agencies may be pushing out quick videos in bulk, we know that quality always wins over quantity. Our production team here at Fusion 360 will work hard to write solid scripts, create engaging videos, and create a solid strategy to get them out into the public. Video production is not just about getting a video out, it is how well the video will do and when the best time to release it is.

We’ll Use Various Video Styles

We like to switch it up so that the audience never gets bored. While other video production companies may stick to a video style that has worked for them years ago, we like to stay current, because we know that tastes change. While the majority of our content-based videos are text-heavy explanatory videos, motion graphics, and more personal newsroom style videos, we also do what it takes to reach the next level of professional video productions. If we need to go in and make a state-wide (or even nation-wide) commercial, or brand-defining video that will be featured on your homepage, we go the whole nine yards to get things done right for you. Whatever the need may be, we focus on your purpose and execute from there.

We Get to Know Your Audience

Not every group is the same, and that’s something that other video production companies may not understand; we know that you can’t keep using the same old template for every client. We take the time to create style guides for every client to ensure that every piece we produce targets the client’s designated audience as effectively as possible.

So, if you’re tired of working with video production companies that just don’t understand you, get in touch with us here at Fusion 360 Studios. We’ll offer you services that other video production companies haven’t even thought of, keeping your brand two steps ahead of the competition.