Make Facebook Live Streaming Work for You

By April 4, 2016digital marketing

If you’re unsure of what Facebook live streaming is, it’s the new way of entertainment and news to share information. Many digital marketing companies have used this to show behind the scenes footage, that is live, and viewers will stop what they’re doing on Facebook and see the latest of what’s happening in Utah.

How to Use It

Facebook live streaming creates a real time video for viewers to watch, much like a live show, but the live streaming can be done from someone’s phone or lap top. It’s free to set up but there are some steps that need to be taken to use it, so you can have more than 50 viewers at a time. This is really done to limit piracy. Digital marketing companies have used this to stream live announcements, and behind the scenes at their companies, allowing their followers to feel more connected.

In Utah, many news stations used the live streaming to show speeches from the presidential candidates and of course have used it to show the behind the scenes on their sets. Celebrities have used Livestream to create an interaction between them and their fans. And if a person misses the video, they can play it back even though it’s not live.

Periscope and Meerkat Related

But don’t Preiscope and Meerkat do the same thing? Yes they do, but Facebook has more of a public outreach and that is where most of your followers are going to be. Using the streaming service on Facebook will allow you to reach out to more of your followers from Utah, and around the world. 

More Uses

With Facebook Livestream, you can tag yourself in your video and your followers can too. This can help your digital marketing without having to do much work, except come up with a live video people will want to watch. 

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