How to Film a Stop Motion Video

Video production companies utilize a variety of different video techniques to create the most engaging and visually appealing content possible for their clients. One of the most popular types of videos that video production companies tend to rely on when it comes to delivering a pleasing approach to visual data are stop motion videos. People tend to avoid these types of videos because they can be somewhat time-consuming, but if done properly they can be a creative approach to informational videos.

If your business hasn’t yet approached stop motion videos but you’re looking to ramp up your video production game, here are some tips to get you started.

Planning a Story

Just like any other video, you’re going to want to plan out your story. Video production companies will usually start this step by coming up with a purpose or objective for their video, and then the story tends to start flowing shortly after. Creating the story is going to be the first step in creating your storyboard, which is crucial in video production.

The beauty of stop motion videos is that you can use simple, everyday objects, an actual cast or you can get fancy with it and draw out your video content on a whiteboard or on paper.

Setting Up a Studio

The next step in creating a successful stop motion video is finding or creating a studio in which you will shoot the video. Video production companies like to set up indoors where they can utilize a stable surface to move the selected items around. Indoor lighting can be manipulated much easier than outdoor lighting can but it is important to have light balanced in the frame for the best result. Your studio can be something as simple as a table, solid colored backdrop, a soft-box or key light to create constant light and a tripod and camera set-up.

Shooting the Video

Once you have your story set and your studio ready, you can begin shooting your stop motion video. As mentioned before, you’re going to want a tripod setup for this type of video; you’re going to move the object around a lot and the camera cannot move! The tripod will ensure that your camera stays in the same position and that your final product looks flawless.
Video production companies like to shoot at higher frame rates so that the transitions look smoother, so you should aim to follow the same steps. In stop motion, slighter movements and more pictures make smoother animations — patience is going to be key.


When you’ve shot all of your scenes, you’re ready to start piecing them all together. Plug all your footage into your preferred editing software and start putting them together, making sure that the footage flows as smoothly as possible.

These tips will help you create smooth stop motion videos but if you feel like you need help creating the perfect video for your brand, contact us here at Fusion 360 Studios.

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