How Google App Indexing Can Help You

By March 25, 2016SEO

Google announced a new way to get more users to apps on your cell phone, it’s a new thing called App indexing, similar to website indexing. So when a user is on their phone and they want to search for something, Google will link the phone apps to their Google search results. From there, Google lets the user use their apps to find what they’re searching for, if the app has the information. This new program is helping increase SEO by allowing customers to use their purchased apps from companies.

Along with the web search, Google users will also get results from their phone within an app. This new program will help SEO with knowing what the user wants to find with things they already have. For instance, let’s say you have an app for ESPN and you want to find the score of a game, Google search will use your app as a source to find the information.

Using mobile apps from Utah and around the globe will help the consumer use their apps more and in return, will help the business that created the app. This is a new phase in the SEO evolution, and now we wonder, what’s going to be the next step?

Becoming Mobile

Becoming mobile is a new way of marketing, and with the many people who are on their phones, the app or company can be on a person’s hip all the time. In a study done by Pew Research, the U.S. alone, cell phone ownership has increased from 65 percent – 91 percent between the years of 2004 and 2013. Cell phone usage in Utah isn’t known, but you could probably guess it’s a large number.

App indexing is a new way that SEO is growing, and definitely a phase in the evolution. SEO is expanding and reaching out to new technologies that are helping people in Utah find what they need faster.