Inside an Ad Agency: Task Management

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Just like in any other company, one of the most important things in an advertising agency is task management. In order for your team to accomplish anything effectively and in a timely manner, you need to understand how to manage your team and projects. Whether this means you have a task management software or another way to track the things that are getting done, upcoming projects, and project assignments, you need to have a system.


The challenge that advertising agencies face is keeping everything organized when they have so many different clients with their individual needs and projects. If this is left up to one person and a planner, you’re bound to get lost. The beautiful thing about the digital age is that it increases our effectivity in organization with a myriad of online task management platforms. However, every company has different needs, so it’s important for you to do the research into each system before committing.

Top 5 Project Management Programs in 2018

  1. Wrike
  3. Asana
  4. Basecamp
  5. Trello

Each of these programs are amazing, but they all have different features, so you will have to figure out what your needs are, then begin researching. You can learn more about these and other project management software solutions and how they compare on FinancesOnline.

Project Manager

When it comes to having several projects you’re working on, you may need to consider hiring a project manager to oversee and keep your current and upcoming projects organized. This person should be in charge of organizing your management software and training your team on how to use the system to keep projects clear and up to date.

Scheduling Ahead

The great benefit that comes with management software is that it allows you to schedule projects in advance, and that’s very important for advertising agencies. Scheduling ahead allows you and your company to work ahead and stay on top of tasks. This also allows for space when it comes to those unexpected meetings, projects, and even emergencies.

Clear Communication

You can invest all the money you have into project management software and still fail as a company if you don’t have clear communication. This is probably one of the most essential skills advertising agencies should have. You will need to take this into account when picking your task management software because some programs are more effective than others with communication. Either way, communicating with your team about workflow expectations and upcoming projects is still a part of task management no matter the software being used.

Whether you’re starting an advertising agency, or working to organize your in-house advertising, you will need to research software solutions and begin organizing a team. Work to schedule ahead and communicate clearly with your team. The whole point of task management being enforced is so that teams can work more efficiently as a whole so that advertising agencies can succeed.

Finding the Right Marketing Tactic for Your Content

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Marketing is so much more than just putting out a video advertisement on Facebook and calling it good. You need a plan, effective techniques and bulletproof methods to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. When it comes to coming up with a strategy, there isn’t a set one that all content marketing agencies follow; every brand needs a unique strategy so that they can stand out from the competition and show off their personal brand to the world.

Depending on what kind of content you’re wanting to put out and what your brand message is, you’re going to have to really do your research to come up with the best tactics possible when it comes to marketing your content. Here is how you can find the best tactics for your brand.

The Different Types of Marketing Tactics

The purpose of a marketing tactic is to help you reach your business goals. Whether you’re looking to expand the reach of your services or get your products into the hands of people around the nation, you need to market your brand efficiently. A few efficient marketing tactics include:

Paid Marketing – Investing in content placement, publication, a website, SEO and boosting social posts are great ways to get your name out there. There are both traditional and digital ways of paid content: traditional ways include magazine and billboard ads, and digital methods including Facebook and YouTube ads.

Sponsorships and Endorsements – Paying for brand representation can help boost your brands credibility and help with exposure. Whether you’re being promoted at an event, on a podcast, or through a webinar, you’re going to see an increase in traffic to your website and social platforms. The type of content you’ll be promoting through sponsorships is more visual content.

In addition to the sponsorships is influencer endorsements. Again, more visual content is going to be the focus here; your services or products will most likely be advertised in a video ad or photo on the influencer’s social media platforms.

Engagement – This form of marketing will help you build a connection with your consumers. Most content marketing agencies will use social media messages, blog post comments and surveys to achieve this type of marketing.

E-mail Marketing – Some content marketing agencies will turn to email marketing for audience engagement. You can mail out a newsletter, blog post email, or even behavior-driven email. The best way to reach an audience through email marketing is to have them subscribe to your newsletter.

As you can see, there are several ways that content marketing agencies can accomplish their purpose—it’s all about finding the right one. If you’re looking to develop a strategy to help your brand reach new heights, contact us here at Fusion 360. We’re good at what we do and we’re ready to help you establish your brand.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing agencies are the marketing agencies of the future. Digital marketing is simply electronic marketing that aims to promote products, services, brands, and companies. Within a digital marketing agency, there are a few different types of marketing strategies that are all intertwined. The umbrella of digital marketing covers online marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing. Let’s dive in and learn a little bit more about each of these marketing techniques and see how they together.

Online Marketing

The first type of marketing you can find at a digital marketing agency is online marketing. This type of marketing pretty much just promotes its product, services, or brand through any online platform. A big part of online marketing is creating and managing websites. Websites are great marketing tools because that is where potential customers or clients go to see what your brand is all about. Online marketers are in charge of getting traffic to their websites too. To do this, they participate in search engine marketing. This is when you get exposure from certain keywords you use within your website. This includes things like pay per click and search engine optimization. Online marketers also do email marketing and create online ads. To say online marketers have quite the job is an understatement.

Social Media Marketing

The next type of marketing you will find at a digital marketing agency is social media marketing. Social media marketers’ job is to promote their companies product, service or brand through social media sites. These include but are not limited to blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They have to reply to costumers comments, develop hashtags for the company, and plan and post quality content. It is important for all digital marketers to keep an eye on the trends of the internet. They need to pay attention to things like what kinds of stuff get the most views and what type of content is most popular at the moment.

Mobile Marketing

The last role that you can find at a digital marketing agency is mobile marketing. This type of digital marketing is targeting consumers on their phones and tablets. These marketers use text messages, various ads, and mobile applications to promote their product, services, or brand. This is one of the fastest ways to build traffic for your company. Mobile marketing is an especially newer form of marketing in the world today. It is super important for companies to use it and benefit from it.

Overall, digital marketing is super prevalent in our world today. It is one of the fastest ways to get traffic to your company, and as a result get you more clients and customers. A digital marketing agency includes multiple different types of more specific marketing- online, social media, and mobile. All of these marketing techniques work together to get your brand out into the world and to get you the best results possible.


Marketing Companies Vs. Advertising Agencies: What is the Difference?

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Whether the closest you get to the business world is about as close as an athlete is to a paintbrush or you have been a part of a business team for over a decade, it is still difficult for people to explain the difference between marketing companies and advertising agencies.

In a way, they both work towards the same goal: help their client grow.

This goal is common for a lot of businesses, but the reason marketing and advertising is so intertwined are because there is quite a lot of overlap. You cannot take a marketing 101 class at college without going over advertising, and that is what creates all the confusion—advertising falls under the wing of marketing. The reason advertising is not always under the management of marketing companies is because advertising has too much depth and importance to simply ask marketing companies to include it within their other services; this is why many colleges have advertising tracks separate from marketing degrees.

Ultimately, the difference between advertising agencies and marketing companies comes from the different purposes and roles that each firm seeks to fulfill. 

Marketing Companies

To put it simply, marketing companies aim to enhance sales and profits for their respective clientele. In order to do this, they will create in-depth strategies that entail product sales, retail distribution, pricing discounts, and more. Instead of simply creating content for their client to use, a large portion of their work comes from consulting. In order to fulfill these services, marketing companies have communication managers, product managers, research analysts, and marketing directors on their team.

Advertising Agencies

A lot of the same work is done at advertising agencies (such as research, consulting, and etc.), but the overall focus is ever so slightly geared differently. Instead of profits and sales, ad agencies focus on branding and the company’s reputation. Advertising agencies work towards this improved image for companies through creative content and written and visual media. In an advertising agency, you are likely to find video producers, photographers, writers, graphic designers, and web designers working together for the client.

The contrast between purpose and position is enough to distinguish a marketing company and an advertising agency even if there are some overlaying goals and roles. In this article, we have not mentioned social media managers, but you may find them at both types of firms. Not all agencies are the same and their specialties alter what service they perform, and this only adds more confusion. However, if you can recognize the difference between marketing companies and advertising agencies purpose and positions, then you will likely be able to tell the difference.

Whether you are looking for a marketing company or advertising agency, if all you want is to promote your brand or product, look no further than Fusion 360. We have talented teams that will fulfill your needs and take your company to the next level.

The Different Roles Within an Ad Agency

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Marketing companies and advertising agencies aim to do the same thing: fulfill the goals of their clientele through creative channels. However, advertising agencies and marketing companies are filled with different roles and responsibilities that differentiate between the two firms. This blog will explain the specific roles within advertising agencies and how it is different from marketing companies.

Depending on the focus of the firm, there will be different positions within an advertising agency, however, you are likely to find video producers, photographers, writers (blog, copy, script, etc.), graphic designers, and web designers working together at a firm. Even though social media managing is an in between when it comes to marketing and advertising, there are firms with social media managers that will post the content for the client. These positions are the key to the actual creation but, like every business, beyond all this work there are executive positions, HR personnel, and financial departments (but we will only focus on the positions that create the work rather the positions that keep the company organized).

Each position constructs a different role within a firm, but they all unite to promote their clientele’ brand and product. In most firms, these positions will make up different teams—the most common teams are Content, Creative and Social Teams.

Content Team

Writers  The Content Team is frequently filled with all kinds of writers. As briefly mentioned before, these writers might focus on blog/articles, the copy found on billboards or websites, and scripts in videos. Blog writing is used to help raise the online presence of clients by using keywords and writing pieces that are anywhere from 400-1200 words. This helps optimize the client’s relativity on Google or other search engines—in other terms, a blog writer at an advertising agency or marketing company is an SEO writer. Copywriters’ work is more concise; copy is typically around seven words in length but hammers home an impactful message. Depending on the video, scripts can be short or long but tend to fall right in between.

The writers of a firm make up the content and provide research, statistics and material that the other teams can then work off of.

Creative Team

Video Producers, Graphic Designers, and Photographers – Once content is found and created, the positions under a creative team take the written work and condense it into visual masterpieces. It is these positions that a lot of visual creativity is constructed through shooting and editing videos, photos and graphics. These graphics can be made for infographics or billboards, and the videos can be used for websites, commercials or YouTube channels. Once this work is finished, all that needs to be done is posting it to the correct media source.

Social Team

Social Media Managers – While social media managing is found within many marketing companies, advertising agencies find no problem with posting the work for the client. Social Media Managers receive the combined written and creative work and will add captions and schedule the posts on certain days at specific times.

These three separate teams definitely have their own roles, but the combined work constructs a finished product that promotes the client. Every aspect of advertising is to help the client stand out so creativity is critical for all teams. While marketing companies create in-depth strategies that entail product sales, retail distribution, and pricing discounts, the positions within advertising agencies are geared to specifically promote a company’s brand and product. It is ultimately these unique roles that create enough difference between marketing companies and advertising agencies to split entirely.

If you are looking for an advertising agency to promote your brand or product, look no further than Fusion 360. We have the talented teams that you need to take your company to the next level.

What Makes an Advertising Agency Successful?

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Successful companies all have one thing in common: a service to the public that is ideally incomparable—something that brings a positive outcome to their consumers and stands the test of time. It’s all about the quality of the service. When it comes to advertising, an advertising agency needs to give their clients actual results—not just a pitch with empty promises. When it comes to digital marketing, we here are Fusion 360 have created the perfect recipe for success.

Our advertising agency offers everything from brand development to pay per click advertising, but aside from our wide array of services, there are a few other things that help us stand out as the top advertising agency in Utah. Here are some of the things to consider if you’re looking to grow your advertising agency to its full potential.

Client Knowledge is Key

You can’t help your clients grow if you don’t take the time to get to know them; marketing blindly can be the ultimate recipe for disaster. One thing that an advertising agency should always do is understand each clients’ goals, constraints and customer needs. Since writers at an advertising agency will be creating content based around the company’s specific services, they not only need to know everything about the company but also the product inside and out.

With the right amount of understanding and research, you’ll be able to create strong campaigns and bulletproof content that will see excellent results.

A Knowledgeable and Capable Staff

The core of any advertising agency is the staff. The success of the company depends on results and those results come from a team that not only has advertising expertise but oozes with creativity. In addition to this, your staff should work well together and understand each other’s individual roles. The more the cooperation there is, the better the chances of all aspects coming together.

A Vigorous Online Presence

You can’t expect to market someone else’s company if you can’t market yourself. That would be like a local, unknown artist trying to promote an even smaller artist. Your advertising agency should have a strong social pull and be able to draw mass online crowds to make an impact on your client’s business. You should consistently rank high on search engines. If you’re pulling in massive numbers, other companies will tend to take you more seriously and establish a dominating presence as an adverting agency.

Clear Billing and Valuable Services

Once you’ve pulled in a client with your services, you have to seal the deal with your pricing. This doesn’t mean you have to lowball yourself or others, but just be sure that your prices are competitive, fair, and reflect the quality of your services. Also, it’s important to be clear when it comes to billing. Making your billing process as simple as possible is the best way to keep them happya happy client is a successful one.

Ultimately, an advertising agency relies on this success, so making sure your agency is strong enough to produce results is the number one way to thrive in the world of digital advertising.

The Importance of Establishing a Brand

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Branding is something that is so crucial to create a successful company. The problem with branding is that most people don’t really know what it is. What exactly is a brand? From logos to tag lines to your website, a brand is what makes your company yours. It’s things you are known and remembered for. Whether you’re an advertising agency or McDonalds, branding is so important. There are a few examples of why creating a brand is so important, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Branding Improves Recognition

The best example of how branding improves recognition is McDonald’s golden arches. Anywhere you are in the world you, along with millions of other people, would recognize the arches. McDonald’s branding, their logo in this case, has become so recognizable that it draws in hundreds of millions of customers. You can create memorable logos and slogans that will stick in people’s heads, too. You can hire an advertising agency to help with this process to make it easier. This makes it hard for anyone to forget your company and naturally, turn to you when they need a product or service your company sells.

Branding Creates Trust

It is proven that a professional appearance in a company builds trust and credibility with people and other companies. Basically, if a company has branding that presents themselves in a professional way, people will be more likely to purchase whatever product or goods your company is selling. Leaving good impressions on customers and other people will help you build trust throughout your community.

Branding Supports Advertising

Branding and advertising go hand in hand; in fact, advertising can be considered a part of your branding. Who you work to advertise to and how you decide to do it can contribute greatly to your brand. Advertising agencies can come in and help your company decide what type of advertising will help you achieve the brand you want.

Branding Brings in New Customers

In essence, branding encourages referrals which leads to new customers. Think about it, you wouldn’t want to refer your friend to a company or business that wasn’t good, would you? You would also have a hard time referring them if you couldn’t remember their name or even their logo. By creating a brand that leaves an impression on people, a brand that is hard to forget, you will continue to get new customers.

 Brands are what make your company yours. Whatever logos or slogans you choose to use will be what people remember about you. Advertising agencies can help you establish your brand from the beginning. Once you establish your brand, you will see an increase in customers who will remember your company and turn into regulars.

How Americans Do Halloween

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Marketing companies do our best to take advantage of holidays. Holidays mean buzz and excitement. They mean that for a short time, there is one thought that is occupying everyone’s mind.

Our job as marketing and advertising professionals is to help our clients capitalize on the holiday spirit. It all starts with Halloween. Halloween is the candy-covered gate that leads to Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a pretty sweet holiday. You dress up as crazy things, and people give you free candy. Ok, it’s a little weird, but it’s also awesome.

Halloween is a great opportunity to market your product in a new light. It’s a big deal. Don’t believe us? We’ll let these numbers do the talking.


Registering to Vote Advertisements

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This election season has brought on a turbulence that we have never seen before. Marketing agencies around the nation are taking the opportunity to encourage people to get out and vote, regardless of the stance. The millennial crowd has long since been the target of this plea, leaving many celebrity A-listers prepared to do whatever it takes.

A History of Voting Campaigns

With the help of marketing agencies, celebrities do their best to create social and political movements. “Rock the Vote” was introduced in the 1990s. This movement was described as a progressive-aligned group whose mission is “to engage and build the political power of young people.” After seeing the impact that a celebrity voice can have, Diddy created the “Vote or Die” campaign of 2004. The campaign was even featured on an episode of “South Park.”

This Year’s Efforts

This week we have been faced with not one but two celebrity super groups who are urging us to get out and vote. Hollywood is typically known for leaning left, and the “Save the Day” group proves that. People like Robert Downy Jr. and Neil Patrick Harris got on camera to voice their concerns and shout the plea of “register to vote and make your voice heard on election day.” Though they make their political stance very clear, this advertisement is highlighted with humor at the promise of Mark Ruffalo doing a nude scene.

The second group of celebrities promotes the “Vote Your Future” campaign. People like Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Roberts got together for a more generic piece that asks young voters to figure out what they care about and vote for it. Their movement was more about sharing what matters to them and why they will vote. They took a page right out of the handbook of top marketing agencies and made it social media accessible.

Regardless of what side you’re on, the obligation to be part of the decision is now stronger than it ever has been. If you haven’t heard it enough, get out there and make your voice heard.

Fusion 360: The Michael Phelps of Digital Advertising

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Michael Phelps has 23 individual medals, 13 of them are gold. He is one of the greatest Olympians of all time. We are especially big Phelps fans because we too have won a ridiculous amount of awards. In fact, Phelps only has us beat by one medal. Soon, we’ll have more awards than Michael Phelps. That may sound braggy, but is it bragging if it is true?

Let us take a look at our advertising agency here in Utah. Fusion 360 has been pulling in awards since the company’s inception fourteen years ago. Fusion 360 has raked in 18 Telly awards, three Emmy awards and one Webby. We do not see Michael Phelps with any Emmys.

Not only is Fusion 360 one of the premiere digital marketing companies in the country, it is the number one premiere advertising agency in the state of Utah. What does it take to be this awesome you may ask? Well, while Phelps may pride himself on swimming, does he play 19 games of ping pong a day? Utah’s number one advertising agency consumes 86 cans of soda a day. Maybe if Michael Phelps consumed sodas like we do, he would have more medals.

Phelps dropped the 200 Meter at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Fusion 360 never drops the ball. Never.

Being Utah’s Number one advertising agency is not easy. However, we are up to the challenge. Yes, Michael Phelps is one of the greatest Olympians in history. Medal count: Phelps —23. Fusion 360 — 22.

If Phelps was our older sibling we would be bragging about how we almost beat him. I think it is safe to say Fusion 360 is the Michael Phelps of advertising agencies, not just in Utah, but also in the entire United States. See you in the medal count, Phelps!