Will AI Take Over the Marketing Field?

By November 10, 2017digital marketing

Imagine a world where unnecessary work is controlled by algorithms. Businesses will save money from the lack of human work being done and harness the work that is completed. Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly working its way into every field of work and eliminating work that is unnecessary and too extreme for humans. AI has even started to enter marketing firms.

The Rise of Digital Marketing

Here at Fusion 360, we understand the importance of digital marketing companies staying ahead of the competition. That’s why we see the value in AI. One of the tasks it can accomplish is the analytical part of marketing. Establishing people’s interests and what they’re consuming has never been easier. A simple algorithm runs through all the raw data that’s available and organizes it into an understandable language within hours.

If a human were to do this it would years of work to get it accomplished. The amount of raw data that would have to be characterized is easily chartered for you by an algorithm. Advertising salespeople, market research analysts and computer support specialists all have a high likelihood of AI making them obsolete. These are all vital careers for marketing firms as they dictate what ads should be created.

However, AI isn’t going to stop with only analytical careers. Writers are on the list of AI destruction. The Associated Press (AP) releases an estimated 3,000 AI written articles every quarter. Granted, AP only has the AI writing analytical stories, like sports games and stock updates, but the fact it can even write articles should worry writers everywhere.

What’s Next?

Marketing agencies have to understand that this shift is coming and need to take steps to work around it. But, until that time comes marketing agencies are here to stay. The transition might not even happen within the next two decades, but the change is coming nonetheless and we all need to be prepared.


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