Why You Should be Utilizing Influencers

If you log into any social media platform right now, you’ll probably see your fair share of posts by famous YouTubers, Instagrammers and Tik Tokkers. These social media superstars have managed to make a living on these social media platforms, and all by creating content that mass audiences can relate to. If you’re looking to boost your social media engagement, these influencers don’t seem like a bad option as far as marketing goes. However, many of the traditional marketing companies are yet to turn to these influencers as an advertising option.

The best thing about social media influencers is that you don’t have to get someone like Kanye West to represent your brand. Everyday people have risen up to superstar status and now amass millions of viewers, followers and subscribers. You can find these personalities everywhere. So, with that being said, your chances of landing one of these stars are pretty good if you try hard enough. Here are a few reasons you should be utilizing influencers.

You’ll Receive Better Quality Content

When you pay an influencer, you’ll also be paying for quality content, depending on the talent. For example, if you’re wanting to create an ad that is driven by humor, you should look through comedian profiles on platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok, as they will help transform your content into comedic masterpieces. Of course, you’ll want to narrow down what your budget is going to be, as influencers range in price depending on their online presence.

If high-quality video content is what you’re after, you’re not going to regret investing in influencer something that only the best marketing companies know all too well.

Influencers Have Authority Over Audiences

These bigger influencers have a mass following for a reason — they are connecting with their audiences and building relationships with them to keep them coming back and consuming the content that they put out. When you team up with an influencer, you’re bound to reach a consumer base you would have never thought imaginable; in just one project, your business might reach as much as thousands, if not millions of potential consumers.

A survey conducted by a company called Linqia asked retailers, companies and agencies who had invested in these social media influencers if they thought it helped their business. A resounding 94 percent of them answered that they believed their sales benefitted from influencer collaborations.

Marketing companies can boost their client’s engagement by investing in these social media influencers, and it’s a marketing strategy that more brands should look into, especially with the growing influence on these social media platforms. If you’re looking to hire an industry giant to help you get in touch with some social media influencers, give us a call here at Fusion 360 so we can get started on crafting the perfect strategy to get your name out there.

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