There’s More to Content Than Just Text

By March 9, 2016content marketing

In the world of content marketing, the saying goes, “content is king.” However, there are many different kinds of content, and a number of different ways to produce it. Marketers from the Midwest to Utah employ writers and aspiring journalists alike to pen everything from blogs and whitepapers, but while written works can be powerful tools, don’t forget about video and visual content.

Visual Content

While the average person retains only 20 percent of what they read, consumers retain nearly 80 percent of what they see. In addition, 40 percent of people respond better to visual content than plain text alone — and that goes for consumers from the East Coast to Utah.

Not only is visual content more likely to make an impression on consumers, visual media is more likely to be shared on social media channels. According to Social Media Today, social media users are 40 percent more likely to share visual content than written works.

Video Content

For content marketing companies in Utah and elsewhere, video productions can be a great way to boost engagement and help get your search results to the top of the first page. Videos are 50 times easier to get to the front page of search results than other kinds of content. Video work doesn’t have to be 100 percent original — you can use video to recycle old content and put a fresh spin on things.

By 2014, half of all Internet content existed in video form; by the end of the decade that number of expected to top 90 percent. Content marketing specialists who have yet to jump on the video bandwagon are potentially missing out on some serious marketing opportunities.

What Medium Fits the Audience Best?

In the end, content marketing professionals should pick the medium that fits the target audience the best. Whether it’s written works, static visual mediums or video, content that resonates best with viewers is content that drives conversions.