The Top 5 Digital Marketing Practices From Social Media Examiner to Be Absorbed ASAP

Social Media Examiner is a U.S.-based media company specializing in social media research and content marketing headquartered in Poway, California. Since the business’ founding in 2009, innumerable businesses and marketing agencies, including our younger employees here in Utah, have sought guidance from the company in an effort to improve digital advertising proficiency.

As a result, each year, more specialists are able to better promote their clients through social media and content marketing and, in turn, are becoming industry experts in their own right. The following is a list of Social Media Examiner’s most fundamental techniques which, when put into practice in Utah or any other American state, are guaranteed to produce real, measurable results:

1) Respect for an Audience Is an Absolute Must

Mike Stelzner—founder of Social Media Examiner—was once quoted as saying, “We don’t ignore search engines, but it’s not our primary focus. Our primary focus is to appeal to people.” In 2011, Stelzner revealed that only 15% of his site’s then 900,000 page-views per month actually came from search.

2) Content Should Be Shared Across All Dominant Social Platforms

Social Media Examiner’s content is constantly being shared across the 5 most valuable social marketing platforms on the Internet and in Utah: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. An individual piece of content produced by Social Media Examiner averages 1,932 combined shares across the World Wide Web’s most favored social networks.

3) The Importance of Infographics Can’t Be Understated

Social Media Examiner does an exemplary job of varying content type when the time for publication arrives, employing the powers of lists, “how to” posts and infographics. Truthfully, infographics are the most powerful of the lot. Providing useful information that can be consumed in a matter of minutes here in Utah or elsewhere, the image’s social shareability is nothing short of impressive.

On Twitter alone, Social Media Examiner’s infographics average about 2,500 shares. Rounding out the top three for the aforementioned content marketing group is Facebook with around 1,300 infographic shares and LinkedIn with nearly 800 of its own infographic shares.

4) Early In the Week Is Paramount for Content Publishing Prowess

According to research conducted by Social Media Examiner, posts published earlier in the week perform much better than those published later on in the week. For example, on most Mondays, Social Media Examiner sees about 80,000 shares on Twitter. However, on Saturday of any given week, the average total plummets to around 40,000. From Utah to New York, both Facebook and LinkedIn follow a similar trend.

5) Authoritative Authors Truly Crown Content as King

Most content marketing gurus are more than familiar with the claim that “content is king.” Well, while true, it can certainly be improved. Digital content, when created by those with authority in their respective fields of interest, truly gives meaningful content the desired sway it’s intended to bring about.

Social Media Examiner uses only key social influencers to pen their most powerful posts, thus building rapport with any and all digital audiences. For example, Cindy King—Social Media Examiner’s Director of Editorial—averages about 8,400 social shares for her more popular pieces.

Though all content marketing agencies seek to peg themselves as an industry leader, there’s always something to be learned. Needless to say, Social Media Examiner is an excellent source for those seeking to improve upon their current level of marketing clout.

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