The Past, Present and Future of Emojis

By November 9, 2015digital marketing

Emojis. You’re either using them or lying about not using them. Either way, if you have a smartphone, they’ve become a part of your daily communicative routine. Apart from doing an excellent job of conveying emotion, they’re quick, simple and fun to use.

However, emojis—or emoticons, as they’re also known—haven’t always been around. They didn’t just spring up out of nowhere. Truth be told, they come with a rather interesting past.

Simply put, having come from an exciting upbringing and currently seeing a prominent, game-changing role within the walls of most of America’s most successful digital marketing agencies, undoubtedly, the future of emojis is a bright one. Here’s the evidence on which such a claim comfortably rests:

Fusion 360 - The Past, Present and Future of Emojis (Fusion 360 Agency)

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