The Importance of Screenwriting

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Have you ever watched a movie or TV show that presents a problem or introduces a new character that then starts putting questions in your head? Do those questions get answered shortly after?

Well, that is simply a beautiful example of the video production’s impressive screenwriting.

Good screenwriting ultimately controls the flow of an entire production. Think about it, have you ever watched something that is so dramatic and compelling that you find yourself asking, “How are they going to get out of that??” or, “Ooooh, that’s what they were talking about.” Well, that is the result when the screenwriting is manipulating your thoughts by leading the story in the direction they want it to go. You may not initially recognize it, but these video production companies are intentionally putting thoughts into your mind in order to connect with the film or video on a more emotional level.

What Screenwriting Is

When someone says, “screenwriting,” they are talking about the written description of the action and sometimes dialogue of a shot of a video or film.  Video production companies have screenwriters to detail each step of the story. If two actors come into an office and one starts talking and the other notices a note left on the desk, that entire development is written by screenwriters. That process is repeated throughout every shot of a movie or short video. Those details may be more intricate or less intricate depending on the level of production; Obviously, higher-quality productions require rich screenwriting, but lower-end or less important videos will not bother.

What Screenwriting Does

Every video production has a purpose, but without screenwriting, that purpose is likely to be missed. Screenwriting is what sets the basis of all videos and films. As mentioned before, solid screenwriting is what allows the production to progress—it is the blueprint. The purpose and message of a production stand on the pillars of the screenwriting. Productions that challenge viewers intellectually with intriguing dialogue and visual cues will help them engage more with the video or film, and this all starts with the screenwriting.

The talent (actors and actresses), directors, visual and audio editors all rely on the screenwriting. Each one of these occupations looks to the screenwriting as the instructions: actors and actresses try to make what is written come to life, directors visualize the screenwriting and then puts the talent in the right place to execute the instructions, and the editors clean the rest up. While the execution of these positions can make or break a production, without the screenwriting, there is no purpose or direction to what is being shot.

The next time you watch a movie or TV show that guides you through with compelling development and storytelling, remember that there is a screenwriting behind it all that provided the production its form. In the end, what importance does screenwriting play for video production companies? The utmost importance.

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