The Importance of an SSL

Unless you’re a web developer, you might not know what an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is or why it’s so important for a website. Marketing companies and their web devs know that SSL’s are a standard but crucial security technology that helps brands establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link makes sure that all of the data that is passed between the server and the browser stays private.

An SSL not only benefits marketing companies and their clients, but it helps your visitor’s data remain safe and secure. If your website doesn’t have a trusted SSL running on your servers, you’re putting your consumers at risk. Now that you know the basics of what an SSL is and why it’s important, here are some more in-depth reasons as to how your website will benefit from an SSL.

Website Authentication

When visitors visit your site and see that you have a valid SSL certificate, it proves to them that their connection with your website is secured, which will make them feel safe. There’s nothing sketchier than visiting a website that doesn’t have a secure connection; it makes you feel as if your data is at risk of a breach, oftentimes turning off potential consumers from your site.

Website Integrity

An SSL also ensures that none of the transmitted data is being altered. The SSL on a website uses algorithms that allow parties to verify that any and all information received by the site is complete and intact. From websites to emails, they help protect your personal data online and make browsing the web that much safer.


Some people might be paranoid about visiting new websites because of the possibilities of a security breach. Most people have everything on their computers, from important documents to their financial information, so they’re right to want to avoid taking any risks, especially if a potential consumer sees that a website connection is not secure.

An SSL will ensure that not a single byte of data that is exchanged between you and the server can be intercepted. This is all thanks to the strong algorithms used for encryption. Strong algorithms that marketing companies can help set up when working on your website.

SSL is essential for websites today, and it is widely used throughout the internet. If you’re still a bit confused about anything that has to do with an SSL, give us a call at Fusion 360. Our talented web development team is ready to help secure your website and ensure your customers’ online security, and when it comes to trustworthy marketing companies, we’re one of the best.

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