The Best Platform for Your Business and Target Demographic

From helping brands keep in touch with their audience to promoting themselves to more potential consumers, the only way that your company can truly succeed in today’s market is by taking the initiative in creating a strong online presence; marketing companies exist to help brands, no matter how big or how small, build brand recognition and a solid reputation.

So, where exactly do you start when it comes to making your online presence known?

Well, the first step is deciding what social media platform is going to work best for your business. Marketing companies will do all the research necessary to help you identify your preferred and most efficient platform. Here is a quick guide to finding the best social media platform for you.


With over two million users, Facebook lets users share text, images, videos, articles and links to other forms of content. The social media giant has a strong presence in 137 countries and beats out all other social networks in 127 of them, making it a strong candidate for your social media go-to. Of course, it’s also important to take demographics into account. About 60 percent of the Facebook population are females, while about 40 percent are male. Further studies show that 65 percent of those users are over the age of 35.

So, if your brand is attempting to reach a more mature demographic, Facebook might be your best bet.


Instagram will introduce your brand to a much younger demographic and primarily focuses on the sharing of photos and videos. The amazing thing about Instagram is that there are more than 500 million daily users, which makes this platform perfect for brand recognition. But just because there is an abundance of users doesn’t mean that your brand is going to see quick results. You have to be smart about posting content and know what demographic you’re attempting to target.

Marketing companies have come up with some numbers that show 72 percent of teenagers use Instagram, while adult users reached 35 percent in 2018. It is also worth noting that young adults users total 71 percent of all users. If you’re targeting a younger demographic, Instagram should be your primary focus.


Facebook has cemented itself as a hybrid platform where users can share text, photos and videos, while Instagram has taken text out of the equation. Another semi-hybrid platform you should look into is Twitter. While the platform is primarily text-focused, users can still share videos and photos on the platform, making it a versatile option for marketing companies.

Twitter has a more mixed demographic, with 40 percent of users being between the ages of 18 and 29, and another 43 percent being between 30 and 49 years old. Marketing companies can be sure to find their fair share of older and younger consumers.

All of these platforms bring their own unique strengths, and it might be a wise move to utilize various different platforms when it comes to marketing your brand. However, you should analyze what platform your demographic spends the most time on and make it your primary focus. If you’re looking at marketing companies as a way to simplify the process of narrowing down what platform works best for you, make sure to give us a call here at Fusion 360 Studios.

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