How to Tell If Your Website Is Doing Well

You’ve just completed an amazing website, complete with videos, graphics and intelligent copy. You know you and your family and friends have visited the website, but what about the public? How can you tell if your website design company did a good job? There are different tools you can use to measure the traffic on your website, so you can see just how popular it is compared to your competitors.

Mistakes You Could Be Making

At this point, you’ve probably noted that millionth visit on your page — and that does deserve a pat on the back — but does that really show how popular your website is? Don’t always focus on the upward trends, because you may be missing what’s going down. You may be getting that millionth visit, but how many monthly visits are you getting? This is important to understand, because people may not be returning to your website, due to your website design or some other reason.

Looking At Metrics

Looking at metrics can help you to see what is popular on your website and how many people you are pulling in. Let’s say you’re measuring the time people spend on your website — this can be another way to measure average engagement per visit. When you are able to measure the time on your site, you can see how engaged people are on your website. Say you find that on average someone is on your site for 50 seconds, and that you have an average of four page views a day. You can measure this for weeks, and when hits go up, this will help you notice if changes occur due to your website design, or for another reason.

Be Aware of Conversions

When a customer visits a website but does not interact much with it, such as when browsing Amazon, this does not result in a conversion. The website design itself isn’t the problem, this is actually something called “multi-channel conversion.” This means that you have visitors, but you’re not gaining loyal customers, whether your website exists for purchasing items or not. As a Web designer, it’s important to create something that will help your customers find the answers they are seeking. It may take time to gain loyal customers, but it’s a place to start.

Checking your metrics and other resources to see how popular your website is will help you decide what website design changes you may want to make, or help you find a new way to market. Keeping these in mind will help you to better understand both your website and your visitors.

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