How Television Viewing Habits Are Changing

By July 20, 2017advertising

If you look back fifteen years ago, we would have never imagined we would be watching TV the way we watch TV today. Do people really “watch TV’ anymore? Television is no longer checking the TV guide, figuring out what time the new episode of your favorite show is on and sitting down to watch it — those days are long gone.

Not every TV show is watched on traditional televisions anymore. Everyone wants to watch their shows when it’s convenient form them and without commercials of course. Now, advertising agencies may not advertise nearly as much on TV, but have many other opportunities to advertise.


Phones have changed the way we watch TV. Families still gather around and watch TV for some events, but this is only sometimes. Today, people are streaming Netflix and Hulu. Seventy-two percent of viewers use a mobile device to view video and 42 percent sit outside of their home.

Content Providers

Content providers are not Direct TV, Comcast or cable subscription. Now, there are other content providers that advertising agencies don’t have as much opportunity to advertise on. Apple TV provides TV shows, news, movies and sports; you can get thousands of videos for free on Amazon Prime — there is also Netflix and Hulu. Some of these providers force you to watch commercials, unless you pay for commercial-free viewing while others don’t even bother.


For those people who still want to watch some sort of live-TV, consumers have the opportunity to record and watch shows at their own convenience. This way, people can record shows from live TV and watch whenever they want. The best part is you have the ability to skip through commercials, too.


Everyone multitasks now; no one really sits down and watches TV. They are usually reading e-mails, viewing social media posts or browsing the web.

The way TV is being watched has drastically changed. People just don’t “watch TV” using their TVs anymore. This change is forcing advertising agencies to adapt and become rather creative to be able to reach consumers. Advertising agencies are accepting change with open arms.

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