How Does Social Media Help in Times of Crisis?

By May 23, 2017digital marketing

Most people in the world today own at least one social media account — Facebook being the most universal. Social media platforms are used for a variety of different reasons, several of which include staying in touch with friends and family, sharing important and meaningful life events, or documenting what they ate for dinner.

With the increase of smartphone usage over the last 10 years, social media has now quickly become one of the largest players in digital advertising. Most Americans spend on average 10 hours a day in front of a screen, so it’s no surprise that marketing agencies have latched onto this current trend and geared their advertising toward mobile-friendly approaches.

As an advertising agency, it is vital to recognize and utilize social media as an integral part of the agencies presence and success.

It’s Not All Just Fun and Games

Though the original objectives of social media have stayed relatively the same, there has been an added objective that has had an astounding impact on society today. Social media now acts as a way to relay current events and offer support during difficult times, specifically in world crises.

Being able to use social media as an outlet for offering assistance, consolation and love allows for communities, as well as the world, to come together in unity and show strength.

Ariana Grande Concert Catastrophe

Tragedy occurred last night at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England when an explosion occurred, killing 22 people and injuring many more. Social media platforms acted as a way for people to express their feelings and concerns about the events that occurred that evening.

Celebrities and fans offered their condolences and support via Twitter and many Manchester natives started using the hashtag #RoomForManchester in tweets to offer spare beds and rooms in their homes for people who were stranded after the attack. Hotels and transportation companies also turned to Twitter to offer places to stay and free rides from the arena where the attack occurred.

The Importance of Knowledge

It is beneficial to not only use social media as a means of showing solace during times of tragedy, but also as a way to inform and educate its users of current events. Digital marketing companies and other marketing agencies all over the world use social media because of its ability to reach vast amounts of people.

Using social media to spread awareness, information and understanding about events going on around the world is going to give a massive amount of people the correct knowledge and power to take action.

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