Social Media at Advertising Week

By October 18, 2016digital marketing

Advertising week has once again wrapped up, leaving us with several nuggets of wisdom to digest. The strategies and tactics imparted upon us are the perfect ammunition for digital marketing companies to load up on for the next year.

The heart of the advertising industry has always been about bringing people together, no matter the product. However, creating emotional connections in the virtual world is no easy feat. It’s high time for companies to put social media first in their advertising plan instead of leaving it as an afterthought.

Social Media Marketing Requires Meticulousness

With the birth of new social media platforms comes the opportunity for creativity and, in the words of Apple, “Courage.” It feels as though companies like Snapchat are rolling out new features weekly.

Your social media marketing plan will fall apart if you don’t understand why your target audience is using each platform. When you understand the subtleties of how these folks use each program you can better reach them. A precise plan will lead to stronger connections with your target audience.

Consistent Communication

According to the professionals at Advertising Week, there are two kinds of media, aggregate media and human conversation. Aggregate media is the data analysis side of it — purely number crunching. Human conversation on the other hand, is the feeling that another person is getting your message and you aren’t just talking into the great void that is the internet. The most successful digital marketing companies use both types of communication to create campaigns.

Great Content

Digital marketing companies with great content will build better connections with their followers. The advertisements that tend to stick with us are the ones that hit close to home. This emotional connection builds a relationship that lasts longer than the 30 seconds that the ad does.

Your social media platform is useless unless your audience feels like you’re hanging out with them every day on social media. Be the Milhouse to their Bart. Make the relationship matter.

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