How to Repurpose Content Without Killing SEO

By June 2, 2016SEO, Utah SEO

Coming up with new content ideas is the bane of any digital marketer’s existence. Let’s get real. How many articles about SEO can you really write before it all begins to sound the same? Simply republishing articles doesn’t work. Google can sniff out that ploy in seconds, and it will hurt your SEO more than help. So, what can you do to make your life easier and still improve your SEO? Repurpose content.

Repurposing is different from republishing. Republishing is simply copy and pasting, while repurposing is a recycling and refurbishing of old ideas. This can be done in several ways. We’ll share a few of our favorites.


Video is a great way to repurpose content. Say you’ve written a blog post on the history of Utah. You can take this same idea, even the same information, and present it in a new way through video. Your new video on the history of Utah can be shared in ways that the blog post could not. It will also reach audiences that prefer video to the written word.


If you’re looking to go viral, an infographic is the way to go. People love sharing infographics because they are a visually appealing way to share data quickly. That blog post on the history of Utah could easily be made into a graphic timeline — and Pinterest, here you come.


Some pieces of content may lend themselves to a presentation like Keynote or PowerPoint. Think how useful a presentation on the history of Utah would be to a history teacher, and how quickly that teacher would share it with friends. Using document-sharing sites like Slideshare allows you to share the information while continually boosting SEO.


Could you expand an old blog post into a podcast? Podcasts can reach a more captive audience, like people working out at the gym or driving home from work. You can also invite experts to participate and expand on your chosen topic.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just paint it a few different colors and offer a variety of sizes.

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