Your Next Big Career Move

By October 26, 2017digital marketing

Digital marketing agencies have popped up all over the United States. Now, colleges offer degrees in social media, digital marketing and all other kinds of web based subjects. There is a huge demand for digital skills and the market is skyrocketing. If you are wondering what you should study in school, or looking for a career change, at digital marketing agencies, here’s your answer.


The demand for digital skills is only going to continue to grow. The field of digital jobs is predicted to grow by 150,000 jobs by 2020—just over two years. But there won’t be enough professionals to fill them. If you are in school and wondering what to study, digital marketing can put you in a position to get a job quickly after you graduate.

Great Pay

Because the demand for digital marketing professionals is so high and there is a shortage of professionals, you can negotiate your salary. The average pay of a digital marketing manager salary is $68,000.

Always Progressing

Digital marketing agencies will progress with time and new technology. One day you may be working on one social network, like Facebook, and in the next year your platform of choice will be Snapchat. There are many different components of marketing that you could be a part of your everyday work.

These may include copywriting, web design, advertising, analytics, social media marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing and search engine marketing.

Fun Environment

Digital marketing is here to stay. There will still be people consuming products, and a demand for marketing and advertising for these products. While you are at work, why don’t you work at a fun positive environment? Many digital marketing agencies maintain a casual work culture, flexible hours and an informal dress code.

Digital marketing companies have endless opportunities with so many advantages. If you are looking for a career change, fun environment and want to constantly learn, digital marketing may be your next career choice.


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