What You Need to Know About the New Vero Social Media App

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You’ve probably heard about the new social media app called Vero, but the question is, should your business make an account? Will hosting a Vero account become a vital part of social media marketing, much like Facebook and Twitter are as of today? Marketing agencies and digital marketing companies aren’t quite sure where this particular social media site it headed—maybe it will continue to boom or maybe it will disappear. For now, here’s what you need to know about Vero.

How Is Vero Different From Other Social Media Sites?

One key difference between Vero and other social media sites is that it allows you to separate your followers into groups. Basically, Vero lets you differentiate between who your close friends, acquaintances and mere followers are so you can share posts with each group separately. Another unique feature is that the feed is not manipulated by algorithms, so your posts will simply appear in chronological order.

Should My Business Create a Vero?

While Vero is supposed to be an ad-free site that will eventually charge subscriptions, many influencers have begun creating Vero accounts and businesses could potentially benefit from creating Vero accounts as well. For starters, Vero is a great way to connect with consumers. This social media site would help your company show consumers your softer side. With the site’s emphasis on posting about your favorite movies, books and artists, you can give consumers a closer look at your business’ interests and values.

What’s the Controversy Over Vero?

There’s been a little controversy over Vero’s terms of use ever since the social media platform started booming in recent weeks. While going over the terms of use, some users were surprised by some of Vero’s terms—even though these terms are relatively standard when it comes to social media platforms. For example, many social media sites’ terms of use state they can use your likeness and essentially anything you upload to your profile.

After Vero was notified of users’ concerns, the company released a statement via Twitter letting users know that they had updated their terms of use, as well as their privacy policy. The update was meant to clarify any confusion that users may have had about the site’s policies.

Though Vero may be booming currently, we aren’t sure where it’s headed. Marketing agencies and digital marketing companies, including us here at Fusion 360 in Utah, would say that we need to wait and see what this social media site becomes. As of right now, a Vero account probably won’t do very much for your company. As an advertising agency, we recommend waiting until we all know more about Vero before worrying about creating an account.





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