It’s All in the Name: Fusion 360 – Marketing for the Digital Revolution

By June 12, 2014advertising

It was famous American political scientist, Henry A. Kissinger, who famously said, “A leader does not deserve the name unless he is willing occasionally to stand alone.” While Fusion 360 – widely regarded as Utah’s best and most creative marketing agency – doesn’t boast of their impressive advertising past, the company’s name and meaning, in and of itself, places the agency alone at the forefront of a real revolution within the sphere of marketing: the digital revolution.

Founded in February of 2003 by Todd Noall, what was originally known as Fusion Integrated Marketing sought to create a sound advertising environment with the ability to produce concrete, quantifiable results for any and all clients. The very term “fusion” was meant to give reference to Todd’s vision of the ideal blending of art, science, strategy and creativity – each an invaluable aspect for the up-and-coming agency.

2008, once again, employed change as a real player in the agency’s evolution when the name was shorted to simply “Fusion,” and became known amongst competitors and clients alike as “The Fusion Agency.”

Finally, with 10 years of marketing expertise fitting snugly under the firm’s belt, Fusion found its ultimate branding destination as FUSION 360.

The reasoning? “Over the past several years,” explained Todd of his company’s nominal transition, “we have had to let go of our identity as a traditional ad agency to lead our clients into the digital age. You can’t grow too attached to what you’ve built, which was difficult considering the success we’ve experienced as a traditional shop. With this massive shift in customer behavior, we knew we had to double down on digital to keep pace with customer behavior.”

Since the monumental name change, little has been altered in the ways of success at Fusion 360. Other agencies and clients continue to look at Fusion 360 and her employees as the “rockstars,” a term frequently employed by Mr. Noall himself, of the digital marketing revolution.

With annual media billings of $7.9 million and two physical offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Columbus, Ohio, not even the deepest, most remote catacombs of the internet’s vast realm can contain what promises to be a booming future for Fusion 360.