How to Market to Generation Z

By October 24, 2017digital marketing

You have probably heard a lot about Millennials. Over sixty-three percent of Millennials have a Bachelor’s Degree. Forty-six percent count on social media when buying online. Forty-one percent of millennials have no land line, just a cell phone. Only 17 percent say a TV ad prompted them to buy something.

There are many ways digital marketing companies have changed their strategies to reach Millennials, but they aren’t the only up and coming generation. Generation Z is classified as those born in 1995 or later. With a new generation coming up, how do marketing agencies plan on reaching them?

It’s About Time

Generation Z tries to get through content quicker. Instead of scrolling through everything on their news feed, they tend to only want to see the popular ones. For example, when on Twitter, they will use the Moments of Twitter which puts the latest news in that area of interest. They also turn to influencers rather quickly. This way, they don’t waste as much time. Gen Z turns to influencers that share the same desires and traits as them.

Education and Work

Like Millennials, Generation Z understands the importance of going to college, but in a different way. Seventy-two percent of Generation Z would like to see colleges let them design their own courses and majors. While everyone things Millennials are the people to hire at digital marketing companies, think again. Gen Z has grown up with technology their entire life. They know how to stand out from the crowd better than Millennials do.

How to Reach Them

How can digital marketing companies reach Gen Z? Generation Z is already very knowledgeable in technology. They don’t do well when it looks like you are trying too hard. Don’t try to be too trendy, but look at trending topics. Brainstorm an original and funny way to reach them.

It is important to be authentic. A good way to reach Gen Z is reaching out to the influencers they follow.


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