Living In a Mobile World: Search Stats

By May 2, 2015SEO

We live in a mobile world. Everywhere you go, from Utah to New York, people are huddled over their mobile devices texting, posting on different social sites, watching videos and surfing the World Wide Web. Judging from the tremendous amount of time that people spend on their smartphones, it’s now more important than ever for companies to have a sound SEO mobile strategy.

Let’s be real: if your business and/or product can’t be found using a search engine on a mobile device, it simply won’t survive. Still not convinced? Well, its predicted that, this year alone, mobile devices will overtake desktop usage. If that fact still has you questioning the validity of what’s been presented, check out the following infographic. It’s loaded with facts and stats on why your business needs to be accessible via any and all mobile devices.

Fusion 360 - Search Engine Stats - Living In a Mobile World (Fusion 360 SEO)

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