What Is It Like to Intern at Fusion 360?

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Imagine peacefully working on school work in a hipster coffee shop and all of a sudden a nerf dart gets shot directly at your head. Well, that happens on a daily basis here at Fusion 360. This makes senses being as there is a sign in the office that reads dissidents, meaning a person who opposes official policy. It’s no wonder life is so exciting around here.

What We Do

Fusion 360 is the number one digital advertising agency in Utah. You will have a wide variety of clients to create content for. There are five main departments which include: SEO, social media, video, design and content writers. If you decide to intern at Fusion 360 you can pick which department you are most interested in. How cool is it that you practically pick your position?

Set Your Own Schedule

This depends highly on whether you are doing it for school credit or just for your stipend. Depending on your hour requirement for school you can usually come and go as you please within the normal office hours. To receive your stipend you must work 20 hours a week.

Why Is It Fun?

Do you remember that time you had a pudding party? You probably don’t because you’ve never had one, but we do here. Also, there is a casual ping pong table chilling in the office so you can get your creative juices flowing if you’re having a writer’s block. Working with an elite group of website design nerds is a blast, especially when you cream them in ping pong.

Everyone is extremely social. If you need a place to eat or hike, they will steer you in the right direction. The work environment is so friendly that sometimes you have to have typing races just to get your work done instead of chatting.

Working at one of Utah’s elite marketing firms will stand out on your resume. Why not gain a step away from your peers?

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