Latest Technology in Video Production

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Technology doesn’t fail to impress and with advancements being made every day, we’re starting to see more and more powerful tools used in all kinds of industries. From new software to incredible hardware, it would seem as if we are still at the tip of the technological iceberg. And of course, no other industry is thriving more off of technology’s advancement than the video industry. Production companies across the nation are constantly looking for the best equipment to make their projects stand out, and new technologies make it possible for the production companies to deliver cutting-edge content for their clients and consumers.

So, what exactly are we talking about? Today, we’re going to be telling you about some of the latest technology in the world of video production and how production companies around the world are taking advantage of them.

The Journey Toward Glasses-Free 3D

You read that right, researchers are working hard toward the development of glasses-free 3D technology. When 3D first came out, it was exciting, innovative, and it seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie. However, the need to wear glasses has not been too popular with moviegoers, killing the buzz for 3D movies. Well, James Cameron, director of Avatar, has made it clear that he hopes to release his sequel Avatar 2, in 2020, and hopefully, this new 3D technology will be ready by then.

Drones are Becoming a Standard

When it comes to getting those sweet aerial shots, drones get the job done in the most stylish manner. Another great thing about drones is their price range. Whether you work at a production company or you just film videos for fun, there is a drone for every budget. Drones have been around for a while now, but they are still one of the game-changing technologies in the world of lower-budget video production.

Gear on a Budget: 3D Printing

This is a technology that not a lot of production companies use, but it is definitely something that should be considered. 3D printing can help those who are filming on a budget in the sense that you can use 3D printers to make small and simple production gear! From Lens rings to clapboards (slates), a 3D printer can save you some money on equipment, if you’re willing to invest in the printer.

Technology doesn’t seem to be slowing down, but that’s a good thing for production companies around the globe. Whether it’s software or sophisticated equipment, technologies in the world of production are what makes the industry so successful.

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