Indicators [Besides PageRank] that Show Your Digital Marketing is Working

By August 12, 2015digital marketing

When it comes to assessing one’s digital marketing strategy, most companies look almost exclusively to their PageRank to gauge success. Has their site moved up in Google’s search results? Then things are going well.

However, many marketing agencies would be quick to note that while PageRank is of extremely high value in the digital age, there are other factors that should also be taken into consideration. After all, having a high PageRank is great, but without other signs of success, it’s not as useful as one might think.

A successful digital marketing campaign produces quality content that not only improves PageRank, but also draws in new visitors to the site and keeps them coming back for more. Quality content provides site visitors with valued information or entertainment, which also results in more time being spent on the site and positive word-of-mouth that can bring in new visitors as well. As more time is spent on the site and the number of new visitors increases, Google recognizes the page as a source of quality information, and SEO continues to improve.

Of course, the ultimate measure of success for marketing agencies and their clients is an increase in sales leads generated by a digital marketing campaign. Ideally, digital marketing efforts will combine an SEO and conversion-friendly website, engaging content marketing and other methods with this end goal in mind. An increase in sales (or sales leads, depending on one’s business model) is perhaps the greatest measure of success.

Successful marketing agencies across the nation know that these factors are what ultimately contribute to a successful digital marketing campaign. As a company’s PageRank, number of visitors and sales leads increase, they can rest assured that their advertising efforts are getting the job done.

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