How Important Is Establishing a Brand Voice?

Keeping a consistent tone in your brand voice plays a huge part in how your customers will perceive your company. Big name companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Yamaha have really been amping up their game on how they use their voice — because they understand how important their brand voice is. Knowing your voice will help you craft your content, and content marketing companies in Utah, like Fusion 360, can help you with that craft.

Finding your voice isn’t easy; you have to consider if your company is looking for a funny tone, a serious tone or maybe something inspirational. Once your company has discovered what their tone is, that’s when the real work comes in. Changing your brand tone will mean some major overhauls in your writing styles, content and website.

Who Are You Speaking To?

Whatever you’re trying to market, whether it’s in Utah or around the globe, knowing your audience is going to help you build your voice. Are you trying to speak to teenagers or are you trying to get the attention of senior citizens? Whatever platform you decide to write with, you will want your company to be able to speak to your clients, and give them reassurance that your vision is what they want too. If you’re speaking very bluntly with humor, this probably wouldn’t be the right voice when speaking to senior citizens in Utah, instead try to make yourself sound professional and honest.

What Are You Trying to  Say?

Forbes writes, “Why is your message of broader significance, to the market in general and to your target customers in particular?” Basically, what is your business trying to accomplish, what is the main message? If you’re trying to set up a charity fund, you don’t want an angry tone, you want an understanding and open-minded tone. This is where your company will want to express what your business is all about, and how that connects your customers. Your hired content marketing company Fusion 360 in Utah, can help you with this and help you craft a connection.

How Are You Expressing It?

According to Forbes, there are multiple layers on how you will want to communicate: Your tone, your approach and your medium. Focusing on your medium can help your company when it comes to your content marketing strategy. Many sources will tell you to start a blog, or start an e-newsletter, but this may not be the right way to market to your audience. If you find that these content marketing strategies aren’t working, expand and explore video making or podcasting. Trying new social platforms, or ways of communicating to the client is a god way to find your customers here in Utah or around the world.

How Are You Saying It?

An author knows how to use their voice in their stories – with plot twists, character developments and the author’s descriptions.  Finding this voice will be imperative, because your company could have two writers working on the same article, but both will have very different voices. Think of what vocabulary you want to use, and how you want the tone of your pieces to sound. Using these in your content marketing  will help you reach your audience, and market what you want your customers to know about your company.

Before you start writing content, consult a content marketing company like Fusion 360. We can help you get the right voice for your brand, and once you have this solved, this will help you gather the right audience to your company whether it’s in Utah or around the world.



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