How Modern Companies Use Content Marketing

By August 26, 2015content marketing

Both inside and outside of Utah, content marketing, more than just about any other advertorial practice, has gained a great deal of respect with both advertisers and consumers. Focused largely on the needs of consumers and providing them with helpful information, content marketing differs from traditional advertising with its genuine focus on audiences, as opposed to the force-feeding of intrusive material.

While traditional marketing and its tactics still exist, more marketers than ever before are finally opening their minds to the idea of using top-tier websites, social media and digital public relations—all practices firmly built upon the generic foundation of content marketing—to build rapport with their respective target demographics. Are you looking to make the switch? If so, take a moment or two to see how the world’s most modern companies are using content marketing to their advantage:

Fusion 360 - How Modern Companies Use Content Marketing (Fusion 360 Content Marketing)

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