How Instagram’s New Algorithm Affects Mobile Marketing

If you do have an Instagram, then you already know the the Instagram traditionally posts from newest to oldest. Recently, however, Instagram has decided to change its digital marketing strategy. The new strategy involves having an image on top that Instagram thinks you will want to see the most, even if it was posted hours ago. So in relation to content marketing, the content a company advertises will now have to be an ad that an Instagram user will want to see.

So even though your friend posts another picture of her feet five minutes ago, that won’t be the first picture you’ll see which could be a good thing. Instead, Instagram will post a picture first based on the interaction you’ve had with another friend.

So What Does This Mean for Digital and Content Marketing?
Companies will definitely be put to the challenge of content marketing, making sure that the new 30 percent of photos that the viewer is seeing, is something that they’ll want on their feed. Digital marketers will need to revamp their looks and images to make them appealing at a glance. According to Instagram, people are only seeing 70 percent of their photos, and the new change will on average let them see about 30 percent, that 30 percent though is based on what the viewer wants to see.
Digital marketing companies who pay to have their ads on Instagram may likely have their post within those posts being seen by users. Users then have the option of following the business on Instagram and if they do want a follow, your company will be showing up on their feed more often. Of course the content marketing they see will be based off what the person is interested in.

Digital marketing companies, however, are seeing pros and cons to the change. Many have said that their posts may be missed due to not having much relevance to the viewer, while others feel that this new change is going to challenge them and they’ll have to bring a new strategy to the table.