Fostering Engagement With Content Marketing on Social Media

By April 22, 2016content marketing

Have you found recently that while on Facebook, a website that you were recently looking at has now been showing up on your feed and on the ads? With this new way of content marketing, it’s hard for a person to not notice your business.

At Fusion 360 in Utah, we have been popping up on Facebook pages and are up to date on our content marking and know how to promote it.

With as many people as there are on Facebook in Utah and across the country, putting your business and logo out there will create a stronger audience for the company, making people aware that you exist and you’re the company they need to succeed. Many may already have a Facebook page and Twitter account with many followers and likes, but many of those likes could be considered fake likes, meaning they may have liked your page but they’re not here to look at it.

How to Use Content Marketing

Posting your content on Facebook daily will create an interaction with you and your customers. Many ways to do this include posting a blog, video or an image. Even if your images and videos aren’t always consistent with your company, the meme you post could create likes for your page, creating an audience that will see your marketing content.

Other Sources of Media

Besides Facebook, get accounts on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube; these social websites can also help push your content marketing over the edge and can be shared between different social media platforms.

If you’re trying to figure out if your content marketing is building that traction, there are different websites including Facebook that can help you see what demographic is visiting your Facebook page and their location among other things.

With social media on the rise here in Utah and around the globe (while being a main source of marketing for your company), learn to utilize social media for yourself and your content marketing — it’ll help grown and make your business aware among the numbers.