Different Roles at a Marketing Agency

Before you get into the advertising or marketing business, you need to know the basic mechanics of how a marketing agency works. Marketing companies come in all shapes and sizes, but most follow a similar structure that has been proven to work, no matter how many people they hire. Smaller companies will often have one person wear multiple hats, or one person that does everything an entire department would. Larger agencies will have each department broken down for efficiency. Either way, the fundamentals for the ad agency model works. Here at Fusion 360, a digital marketing company, we know how important the different roles are to build an effective agency. Here are some of the key roles:

Account Director/ Manager

Management of a marketing company is extremely important. Without a solid manager, the whole ship will go down before it even gets going. An account director or manager is responsible for managing the agency’s relationship with its clients and accounts. The account director is the one who delivers the creative work and content to the client and makes sure it fits their wants and needs. They deal directly with the client to address any problems that may arise and develop a solid long term relationship with clients.

Web Developer/ Web Designer

Web developers are programmers who create applications and programs for their clients’ websites. These individuals are well versed in many different program languages, such as HTML, CSS and creative software. It is important to find a web developer who is skilled enough that they can create custom codes and build a website from scratch. A marketing company that really wants to do well will definitely need a web developer to run their websites and make sure everything online functions properly.

A web designer is similar to a web developer, though, their skills may not be as in-depth as a developer. A web designer typically has both technical and creative skills. They focus more on making websites aesthetically pleasing and functional for easy use.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager is responsible for managing all social media marketing. A social media manager has to be acutely aware of social, cultural and digital marketing trends as they constantly evolve. A social media manager has to be an expert in communication in order to attract and engage their target audience. They also have to be pretty creative in order to create quality content in the form of texts, images and video. Marketing companies need a social media manager to stay up with trends and market their brand socially.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are in charge of creating all the visual content to market the brand. They come up with ways to get messages across in print and digital media through color, imagery, text and formatting. Graphic designers are in charge of the overall digital marketing projects.

No matter the position, each is essential to make a marketing company really work. There are more roles that can be filled at a marketing agency but these are just some of the major ones for any size agency. Here at Fusion 360, we understand how important each role is to build a great marketing company. If you are wondering how to get involved in the advertising or marketing, reach out today and we will help you!

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