Diet Coke’s New Advertising Campaign

By February 14, 2018advertising

Diet Coke rose to the top of charts in 1983, earning the No. 1 spot for diet soda just one year after its release. Another year later, Diet Coke displaced 7UP and became the No. 3 soft drink of any kind. To this day, Diet Coke is still popular, as shown by its 26.3 percent dollar market share of the diet soda category. Diet Pepsi only has a 13.4 percent dollar market in comparison.

When Diet Coke launched nearly 36 years ago, the brand was targeting female baby boomers which still remains a loyal target market today. However, many baby boomers are growing older and are drinking less soda. As a result, Diet Coke is suffering and is in need of finding a new market to target. To help fix the problem, the brand’s advertising agency has given the diet soda a complete makeover.

Sleek. Slim. Simple.

The new can is taller, slimmer and features what the company calls a “High Line.” This “High Line” is a vertical stripe on all of the Diet Coke cans which the company says represents motion. The new Diet Coke cans also have a very sleek and contemporary look, as shown by the simplicity of the design.

Marketing to Millennials

Since many baby boomers are getting older and are drinking less and less soda, Diet Coke had to find a new target market—millennials. The brand’s advertising agency hopes that the new makeover will attract millennials and help Diet Coke sales regain momentum. They didn’t just give Diet Coke a makeover though . . . they also came out with four new flavors!

Research suggests that younger consumers tend to like bold flavors. So, Diet Coke released four new flavors including “twisted mango,” “feisty cherry,” “zesty blood orange” and “ginger lime.” The company and its advertising agency hope that the new, bold flavors—taste tested by more than 10,000 people across the country—will attract millennials.

Final Thoughts

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