Building a Social Following

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The more followers you have on social media, the more people know who you are. In this day and age having a strong social following can get you far in life. Marketing agencies found in Utah have known this for years, that’s why this great state is on its way to becoming the Silicon Slopes. How do you turn your channels into something hotter than a fidget spinner?


Networking online can bring many wonderful opportunities. You are able to connect with anyone and everyone with just a few clicks. The more people that follow you, the more connections you are making. By influencing those who value your brand, you can share the ideas with their followers.

Start online conversations with those who have a high influence on their followers, such as the head of an advertising agency. They can mention you during your conversation, which leads to their followers seeing your profile. Following industry professionals and participating in their conversations will increase your number of profile clicks and followers.


When deciding on a theme you want to be original. Your theme should show the online world who you are. The theme of your social media profiles include content you post, filters you use and overall the look of your profile. You can reach out to an advertising agency to help you or create your own theme.

Your social media platforms should have a similar theme. Choosing different themes for each platform can confuse your followers. The first step in having a successful theme is choosing a personalized username that people can remember. From there decide what type of content you want to post.


Content is everything. The main reason your followers follow you is because of what you post. Your content should be original and fit in one of the following categories useful information, entertainment, inspiring or exclusive. Sharing useful information will increase your credibility and increase the number of shares. Entertaining posts get people’s attention. Followers will be more likely to share a funny post compared to a serious one.

Inspirational content gives your brand a more personable feel, which will result in more shares. Everyone enjoys exclusive content.

If you find building a social following is hard reach out to an advertising agency for a few tips.



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