Breaking Free From YouTube: The Other 3 Best Places to Publish Content Videos

By June 1, 2015video production

Regardless of whether you’re a video production specialist with years of experience or merely a few months of practice, it’s important that all digital content be uploaded to a place where maximum exposure can occur. Most of the time, this sort of desire leads people to publish their videos through YouTube.

While there’s certainly little wrong with YouTube, the World Wide Web does present a number of other options for those looking to branch out. The following are three of the best places to share video content—outside of YouTube—which promise to bring success:

1) Veoh

Veoh, much like YouTube or any other video hosting site, is an Internet television station of sorts which focuses on two different types of user content: independent productions and user-generated videos. With a Veoh account, a user can upload videos of any length. Once uploaded, they can be pulled from Veoh and easily posted on an individual’s personal website or blog.

What separates Veoh from it’s competitors is its extensive community. From fashion and sports to cooking tutorials and video game reviews, there’s a community for everyone to rate, comment and view interest-specific videos.

2) Metacafe

Though YouTube is clearly the king of jaw-dropping user statistics, Metacafe is more than able to hold its own. Each month, the site lays claim to over 40 million unique visitors. Like most video hosting websites, Metacafe offers users a wide variety of video categories. However, what’s most attractive is the site’s special ranking algorithm which, in the words of, “ensures that the uploaded videos are of the highest quality.”

Even more impressive is the fact that Metacafe refuses to host duplicate videos. Lastly, if you’re videos do at least moderately well, Metacafe is willing to fork over a bit of cash. Once 20,000 views are reached, Metacafe will gladly pay $5 for every 1,000 views. Though not much, it’s certainly an added incentive.

3) Vimeo

Vimeo, more than just about any other video hosting site, has managed to rival YouTube in the ways of traffic. Though the view counts are nothing short of impressive, what’s most important for the founders of Vimeo is that true video production quality be put on full display for all of the site’s visitors to enjoy.

Whereas YouTube is loaded with hundreds of dead and duplicate videos, Vimeo allows for only professional-grade visual projects to be published. Free video creation and hosting is allowed on Vimeo; however, if your specific video production projects involve professional filming and editing, a premium account might be more alluring.

Whatever your specific video production needs might be, it’s never a bad idea to think outside the box and explore other publishing mediums. Yes, YouTube is clearly the best video publishing platform that the Internet has to offer. That being said, with other up-and-coming sites, it’s necessary to explore additional outlets. Who knows? In only a matter of time, YouTube may become nothing more than a thing of the past.