Advertising Methods You Should be Using

Advertising is always changing, and marketing companies know that to stay relevant in today’s industry, they have to be able to keep up with those changes. While there are staple methods that don’t change much, things like social media algorithms are constantly evolving, making it hard for marketing companies to thrive if they keep producing the same content and using the same strategies.

If your brand has been struggling to see results, you might want to take a step back and reconsider your current marketing strategy. Marketing companies can help you out and they’ll most likely recommend that you use a few of these advertising methods.

Use Banner and Display Ads

In a time where video is dominating the market, some marketing companies might forget that static, visual content like banners and display ads can still produce serious results. These types of ads are an extension of search ads and follow a PPC model, however, instead of text-based ads, users are presented with a more visual advertisement. If marketing companies have talented graphic designers, this is a sure way to drive more traffic to your client’s site by providing consumers with fresh visual content.

Try Appealing to Emotions

Commercials by organizations like The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), tend to appeal to consumers’ feelings. Though some of the commercials might be hard to watch, they tug at your heartstrings and make you more likely to donate to the organization.

This example is used to emphasize the fact that people rely heavily on emotion just as much as they do research. Marketing companies cannot forget about this. If you’re looking to mix up your advertising approach, try creating content that might emotionally appeal to your audience.

Give the Bandwagon Effect a Go

It’s human nature for people to want to fit in, so if someone sees a group of people using a specific service or buying a certain product, they’re more likely to invest in that service or product as well. For example, Maybelline has been established as “America’s Favorite Mascara” because their top-selling mascara is purchased every two seconds. If your brand can offer a top-quality product or service and you come up with a solid marketing strategy, people will start spreading the word around and you’ll see the bandwagon effect in action.

If you don’t make an attempt to switch up your advertising game, you’ll soon find yourself falling behind. Marketing companies like Fusion 360 are here to help your brand come up with new strategies to help keep your brand relevant in an evolving industry.

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