A Digital Treasure Trove: Long-Tail SEO

By August 19, 2015SEO

These days, from Utah to the most remote of locations out on America’s East Coast, there are few digital marketing trends as big as SEO. While the practice might be seen as a bit of a pseudoscience by those of a more traditional marketing background, SEO is here to stay. Simply put, as long as search engine continue to be used by consumers, the industry promises to remain a constant for professional product and service pushers.

However, seeing as how the Internet is an ever-changing changing entity, so too must the SEO practices with which experts arm themselves. Currently, long-tail SEO takes the proverbial cake as being of the utmost importance for brands hoping to build rapport with Google’s mysterious search algorithm.

At a loss for what long-tail SEO is and how you can use it? Take a look at the infographic below to better understand what your company desperately needs for complete and total dominance out on the World Wide Web:

Fusion 360 - A Digital Treasure Trove - Long-Tail SEO (Fusion 360 SEO

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