8 Unacceptable Fonts for Serious Web Development

By August 12, 2015web development

More than likely, ever since you were first able to open a Word document on your own, you’ve taken the time to examine the innumerable font types that Microsoft makes readily available for its users. While many of them are practical and have their rightful place in meaningful document creation, truthfully, there are quite a few that—outside of lemonade stands and birthday party invitations—have no place being used.

Drag digital marketing and web development into the mix and it becomes even more paramount that proper font selection be taken seriously. Still confused? No need to worry; the following infographic presents the eight most unacceptable fonts for those serious about their website design and development:

Fusion 360 - 8 Unacceptable Fonts for Serious Web Development (Fusion 360 Web Development)

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