6 Unique Sites for Web Developers Seeking Exceptional Free Images

By May 6, 2015web development

From all parts of the country, be it in Utah or New York, everyone knows that great images are an essential part of any solid web development strategy. Unfortunately, most website design specialists aren’t freelance photographers in their spare time and have little to no access to a robust portfolio of remarkable photos.

Options are as follows: you could take the photos yourself, purchase them from a talented photographer or simply download them from a stock image site. Generally speaking, the later is preferred. That being said, when shopping around on the Internet for a digital archive of complementary images, some sites are simply better than others.

1) Unsplash

For many web development experts, Unsplash has proven to be an incredible resource. Visit its home page and the first thing you’ll be met with is the website’s mantra: “Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos.” Unsplash specializes in blog-style photos of landscapes which almost always come with astounding lighting and extraordinary effects. Not only are 10 new photos submitted every 10 days, but each image contains a link to the credited photographer, just in case you’d like to learn more about the genius behind your newly acquired visual aid.

2) IM Free

Truthfully, IM Free is relatively new to the stock image scene. Separating the aforementioned site from its competitors is the fact that it contains helpful templates, buttons and icons—in addition to stock photos, of course—to more fully further the web development industry. If digital depictions are all you’re after, however, you’ll be pleased to learn that this library is known for well-organized photos that are conveniently grouped by category.

3) The Amazing Pattern Library

Technically, this site’s not actually for stock photos. In reality, The Amazing Pattern Library differs heavily from the other domains on our list in that, you guessed it, it’s main focus is to provide web development enthusiasts with a wide variety of patterns, many of which have impressively been created by some of the world’s most talented designers. Though spacious and detail-oriented, this collection’s high-quality pictures quickly download with just one simple click of the mouse.

4) Foodie’s Feed

Exclusively, Foodie’s Feed features edible items in its image arsenal. Believe it or not, visually showcasing delicious foods in a presentable manner is substantially harder than you might’ve originally thought. In fact, says DesignModo.com of the culinary compilation, “From beautiful deserts to simple garden veggies, Foodie’s Feed has images of almost any edible item you can imagine.” The website uploads a minimum of five new images—many of which come from a single take—each and every week. Foodie’s Feed is supported by user donations through PayPal.

5) New Old Stock

Though a bit oxymoronic in name, New Old Stock does a splendid job of combining the perks of modern-day file sharing with the splendor of vintage photography. If any one of your current web development tasks requires black and white images from decades past, consider New Old Stock your ideal supportive reserve. On this site, the vast majority of images are readily available on the public domain for widespread use due to their age.

6) Free Refe Real Life Photos

Believe it or not, a person can actually accomplish a great deal of artistic good with nothing more than a cell phone camera. Free Refe Real Life Photos is virtual proof of such an assertion. All of this website’s provided images were taken with nothing more than a mobile device. Said images primarily cover simple objects and landscapes which make them useful in divers amounts of web development ventures. Unfortunately, many presented images might be too small for print.

Whatever your web development undertaking may be, stock images are bound to play a role. Armed with the necessary visual outlets to make any project pop, you’re bound to see a sharp increase in both pleased clients and site visitors.

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