5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Frustrated Social Media Strategists Looking to Improve

Seeing as how Facebook is easily the world’s most popular and efficient media marketing tool for social media strategists and marketing agencies, it’s key that said platform be mastered and tapped for digital product- or service-pushing excellence. While the importance of Facebook is easily recognizable, the booming site can cause headaches from time to time.

User engagement, for example, is much more difficult to activate than it is with other social media outlets such as Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Likes, shares and comments can be difficult to come by. That being said, if you and your team of social media gurus find themselves in a creative rut of sorts, there are a few helpful measures which should be considered to get the proverbial ball rolling, yet again.

1) Use a Bit of Cash to Boost a New Product or Service Announcement

Though costing money and seen by many social media experts and marketing agencies as an easy out, boosted posts on Facebook are still effective, especially for small businesses and startups. Recently, a party equipment rental service in Gatesville, Texas boosted a post announcing the purchase of a new inflatable water slide. The $20 boost resulted in a reach of 4,490 people with over 1,000 likes. Furthermore, the friendly advertorial nudge generated 8 reservations at $300 a pop in just a little over 7 days. That’s $2,400 of total revenue for just $20 through Facebook.

2) Give Audience Insights a Gander

Understanding an audience allows for the sound optimization of an entity’s content strategy, resulting in a sturdier return on investment. Facebook’s Audience Insights allows brands and agencies to better see what their respective target demographics most actively engages with, be it custom-made images and photos, shared videos or promotional contests. Additionally, Audience Insights also allows social media specialists to see which specific topics of interest generate more user interaction.

3) Employ the Powers of ActionSprout for Email Acquisition

Few Facebook users visit company pages. Instead, the social marketing battle is either won or lost on an audience’s News Feed. Nearly all Facebook apps require that a user leave their News Feed to interact with a brand. ActionSprout places a specific acquisition action directly in the News Feed. All that’s required is an email address and News Feed comfort is allowed to continue.

4) Adopt Website Custom Audiences as a Means of Potential Client Identification

Simply put, creativity with targeting leads to better customers. As opposed to simply targeting specific fans through Facebook, use Website Custom Audiences to not only run Facebook ads through Power Editor, but to locate people who’ve already visited your website. After all, they’re much more likely to get in contact with your company. Their web history proves it and all of America’s advertising agencies know it.

5) Consciously Make Public Relations a Worthwhile Pursuit

Figuratively speaking, Facebook is a Rolodex of PR contacts with over 1 billion reporter profiles in its digital archives. Through Facebook Graph Search, it’s easy to discover who works where and what publications/websites they cover. Whether it’s a groundbreaking article share or a comment on an issue related to your brand, your company can position itself as a reliable source for newsworthy knowledge. As this and the aforementioned methods are put into play, Facebook engagement is bound to improve.


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