4 Tips for Effective Brainstorming

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Brainstorming is a crucial step in the film production process, in fact, it is the first step in the pre-production phase. Brainstorming has so many benefits; it is an open time where everyone on the team can express their ideas, bond over thoughts (and snacks), and a time where a team comes up with solutions to their questions. There are 4 tips that help teams establish effective brainstorming sessions: creating a clear agenda, narrowing your focus, coming up with ideas individually, and coming up with solutions as a team.  

Create a Clear Agenda

The first tip for effective brainstorming is creating a clear agenda. We all know things go smoother when people know what is expected of them and what they are supposed to be doing. If people come into a brainstorming session with no idea what they are brainstorming for, your session is going to be pretty ineffective. Mapping out a tentative map or schedule and sending it to anyone involved in the brainstorming session beforehand is a great way to avoid this problem. Having a clear agenda will also help you to move faster through the brainstorming process and, as a result, allow the film production process as a whole to move along quicker.

Narrow Your Focus

The next thing to help create more effective brainstorming sessions is to narrow your focus. This step goes hand in hand with creating a clear agenda. It is easy to come into a brainstorming session with endless ideas and possibilities. It is also easy to come into a brainstorming session with no ideas because there are simply too many potential ideas. As a leader of a brainstorming session, directing specific questions for others to answer is a great way to stop this from happening. If questions are specific, it is easier for people to come up with a few realistic solutions or ideas. Again, incorporating this idea into your brainstorming session is a great way to better the film production process as a whole.

Come up with Ideas Individually

One of the best ways to create an effective brainstorming process is to have all team members come to the meeting with tentative ideas ready. Obviously, the meeting is meant to share and process ideas, but if individuals come with rough ideas already, the film production brainstorming process will go a lot smoother and quicker. It will also allow each team member to feel apart of the brainstorming process as everyone gets to share their own ideas.

Come up with Solutions as a Team

Once everyone has an idea, it is time to communicate and brainstorm as a group. You can get different perspectives on certain ideas and create the best solution possible. Film production processes are only successful if they are worked on as a team. Brainstorming is no different. Brainstorming as a team is the best way to ensure the best and most unique ideas and solutions.

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