4 Clever Ways to Implement Awkward Keywords

By September 25, 2015SEO

Both here in Utah and all over the country, the fields of SEO and content marketing are joined at the hip. Working together, not only can a reputation of thought leadership be developed with industry rivals and potential consumers, but also with the World Wide Web’s most reputable search engines. While the debate as to which SEO tactics are the most effective for bringing about digital success will most assuredly rage on for years to come, one thing is for certain: the demand for editorial content is always present.

With strategically embedded links, top-tier publication outlets and, you guessed it, keywords being of the utmost importance, not just any writer with a laptop can work SEO magic. In fact, one of the more difficult tasks comes with having to work awkward geo-qualifiers into written text. Though difficult, they can be both strategically and successfully implemented.

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