2 Reasons for Why Videos Generate More Marketing Leads Than Anything Else

By June 1, 2015video production

These days, the importance of video production simply can’t be understated. Regardless of industry, people prefer to view videos about information that interests them, as opposed to consuming written text. Through video production, things as mundane as employee biographies, emails and testimonials can quickly turn into client-led conversations.

Basically, when video production is combined with both social media and proper website design and development, potential customers begin to pay more attention. Why? Well, as a direct byproduct of any and all published content videos, people have a better idea of who a brand really is and what it stands for. In a roundabout way, it’s a direct reflection of where a customer’s hard-earned dollars might be going.

If you’re still not convinced, the following two reasons should help to better solidify the importance of video production in today’s digital age of advertising, marketing and public relations:

1) People Love Good Storytelling

When was the last time that a friend or family member told you about a particular person of interest? The individual in question could’ve been a stranger, friend, coworker or someone of romantic involvement. Whatever the case, as the listener in such a scenario, it can be difficult to hear little more than description. Adjectives don’t properly paint the proverbial picture of a person’s character and all is quickly forgotten.

However, when a story or interaction is presented—the more shocking, the better—every last detail is remembered. Truthfully, depending on the entertainment value of what’s been shared, you might actually take things a step further and tell that same story to another person with whom you converse on a regular basis. This, when all is said and done, is the innate value of storytelling. Video production does more than just force-feed information; it tells a story, while also adding to the experience through visual enhancement.

2) The Social Impact of Video Production

Once brand videos have been created, it’s time to share; more specifically, it’s time to share through social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, social media—in recent years—has greatly facilitated the digital marketing game. The real genius behind social media is the exponential potential behind every post, tweet or pin. Says Anne Jones, a blogger with TacomaJones.com, “Once you’ve made a video and showed your authentic self, the great part is it’s not a one-shot deal. Content, if done right, can work for you around the clock.”

For example, once a video were to go live on YouTube or any other similar site, it will be there infinitely. Those who engage with the video can go back and view it whenever they like. If all goes well and a video production project is shared, retweeted or repinned at an alarming, uncontrollable rate, it’s said that said video has gone “liquid.” At that point, the digital marketing takes care of itself and all that’s left for you to do is sit back and watch.

In the this, the digital age of communication, people want to consume as much information as possible in very little time. What was once a battle between brand journalists has now become one for graphic designers and video production specialists. If you and your business are looking to get involved, there’s nothing quite as effective as Internet videos to make the pushing of a certain product or service a complete and total success.