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Quick Tips for Professional-Looking Videos

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With video content playing such a big role in marketing, video production companies are in high demand. But you don’t always have to rely on them. There are some things that you can do right now to make your videos look like they were done by a pro. Here’s a few:

Plan Ahead

If you really want to look like a professional, try drawing out a storyboard. Draw simple illustrations of your scenes in order so that you can visualize what your video is going to look like before you invest the time and money into making it. Also plan what time of day will give you the best shots and anything you might need along the way for your shoot.

Simple Background

Clutter is distracting, especially in video. It takes the viewers’ attention away from the subject of your video. Of course, video production companies know that certain scenes might need the clutter to make a point, but overall it’s a best practice to keep your scenes looking clean and focused.

Rule of Thirds

Don’t just point and shoot. Even with good equipment, this will quickly label your video as the work of an amateur. Do a little brushing up on basic composition. One of these is the rule of thirds. It places your subject’s face a little higher than the center and off to the side. This is a common rule used in art because it’s more pleasing to our eyes.

Think Editing

Even when your filming, video production companies will tell you that it’s important to think like an editor. There’s nothing as frustrating as coming back to your desk after a shoot and realizing that you should’ve gotten a shot from a different angle. Don’t be afraid to take extra shots. It’s much easier to cut out extra later than to recreate another shoot.

This might seem like a lot of work, especially if you’re already busy trying to perfect the product or service that you’re trying to advertise in the first place. In this case, there is a lot to be gained from outsourcing to video production companies. At Fusion 360 Studios, we’ve created award-winning video content for all sorts of different brands. You’re could be next! Visit our website to learn more.

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Social Media Marketing in 2020

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With the new year comes new trends, whether it’s in fashion, movies and, especially, social media. Marketing companies will tell you that one of the most important parts of this type of marketing is the ability to stay on top of what’s new and upcoming. We can help! Here’s what to expect for social media in 2020:

Niche Social Platforms

Most of us are familiar with how to advertise on the big names like Facebook and Instagram. However, already smaller, more niche platforms are beginning to make an appearance. Not only that, they’re becoming increasingly popular.

No More Insta Likes

This year, Instagram is looking into removing the likes feature from their platform. Whether or not this actually happens is still up for debate, but it’s a vital trend to be aware of, especially if your company relies on influencers for their advertising. If it becomes popular, you can bet it will spread to other social media platforms.

Ephemeral Content

In 2020, marketing companies will need to become familiar with ephemeral content. This is content that is only available for a short time before disappearing. Two examples are Snapchat and Instagram stories. With today’s attention spans, people are much more willing to spend hours scrolling through short, entertaining snippets than to stick with one piece of longer content.

Customer Service

Social media is increasingly becoming a platform for customer service. This won’t change in 2020. In fact, it’s likely only to grow since social media lends itself so well as a place to ask questions and get immediate responses. Make sure that your company is prepared to offer customer service through this medium as it can help build trust.

The world of social media is fast-paced even more marketing companies, but it’s also exciting. New trends mean new creativity and innovations. If you’re looking for a way to keep on top of your social media marketing, our team at Fusion 360 Studios can help! Visit our website or give us a ring to learn how you can get started.

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2020 Video Trends

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When it comes to marketing content, videos are here to stay. They remain one of the most effective ways to catch the eye of your audience. However, as with any medium of marketing, trends change. Here’s what you should know for 2020:


Brand image has always been important. It’s expected that in 2020 video will become a bigger part of what identifies your company. You can start now to develop templates that will keep your videos looking consistent.


As consumers, we tend to have a love-hate relationship with social media. One way to stay on top of your marketing during low tide is to look for other places to host your video content. Video production companies know that the best place to be is wherever your audience is.


This is always important for video content, but it’s predicted to become even more so in the coming year. Many companies are now using personalized, one-on-one videos in order to communicate with clients or other businesses


Video production companies will remain in high demand as the need for video content grows. If you can be on top of trending topics, you stand out as an authority on up and coming issues. This will mean a higher production of videos optimized for different social media platforms.

Trying to keep up with these changes can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting in on all this video content stuff. It might be worth the investment to hire out to video production companies. Our team here at Fusion 360 can help! Our videos have gone a lot further than social media—they’ve won television spots and Emmys. Visit our website today and we’ll help you get started!

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Get to Know Your Audience

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Getting to know your audience can be a challenge, even for marketing companies. We live in a fast-paced world and it’s easy to lose sight of the people we market to in our pursuit of different goals or strategies. But if your audience can’t relate to you, then even the best strategies won’t do much. Here are some ways to really get to your audience’s level and understand them.

Get Personal

Get out of the office and meet some of your actual customers. Don’t just ask them about product-related questions. Get to know them as an individual. This can help you get a better handle on what makes them tick. You can learn what they value, what makes them laugh or what everyday challenges they face.

Read the Comments

This is especially important for any social media marketing. Pay attention to what people are saying online and how often they say it. Engagements and comments are a great place to glean insights into what your audience is looking for.


You’ve probably heard this before, but creating a persona of your ideal client can be extremely helpful. It takes some research, but if you’ve got an accurate persona to “talk to”, then you’re team is more likely to remember the individual when making decisions. It can also help you get new team members up to speed on your goals.


There are a lot of programs out here that marketing companies can use to generate a survey. These can be helpful because you can get specific information about your audience’s demographics and what they might think of your product or service.

Trying to get to know your audience is an investment of both time and money. However, marketing companies know that it’s well worth it. The money and time that you put into your advertising will be well spent if your audience is listening. At Fusion 360 Studios, we can help take your marketing game to the next level. Our team is all over this sort of thing, whether you need video content, social media, or blog posts. Drop us a line and we’ll help you get started!

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Why You Need Fusion 360 to Produce Your New TV Commercial

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You might be in the market for a video production company to help you create a visual masterpiece that showcases your company’s talents, but video production companies exist in the thousands, so how do you know which one to hire? Lucky for you, we here at Fusion 360 Studios are here to show you why you need us to produce your next TV commercial.

Our Bragging Rights 

If you like winning awards, it only makes sense to have Fusion 360 Studios handle your next commercial production. We have a 100% in-house, Emmy, Telly and Mercury award-winning video production team with the creative abilities to tackle anything from TV commercials to motion graphic videos. Here are some of the awards we have won throughout the years:

·     Emmy Award: “Rocky Mountain Chapter” three-time winners

·     Telly Award 12-time winners

·     Mercury Award one-time winners

·     Davey Award Three-time winners

·     W3 Award one-time winners

·     Webby Award one-time winners

·     Utah Business Magazine “Top 25” Public Relations Firms Four-time winners

·     Utah Business Magazine “Top 25” Advertising Agencies six-time winners

 If you’re still not convinced that we’re the best of the best when it comes to video production companies, just take a look at who we’ve worked with. Ever heard of multinational food, snack and soda corporation by the name of Pepsi? How about vehicle giants Ford? We’ve worked with some big names because we’re a big deal, but it doesn’t stop there.

We’ve also created professional and highly successful video productions for dozens of our clients, winning awards along the way.

One of our most successful commercials, “Shania” for Robert J. DeBry and Associates, was featured in Super Bowl LII. The purpose of this commercial was to showcase the dangers of distracted driving. “Shania” was distributed via the Internet and TV.

Our agency was also the mastermind behind the “Dance Like a Wookie” campaign, a movement that was aimed at stopping texting while driving. This campaign was well received and got a ton of media attention from news stations like Fox 13.

There’s no reason to keep looking at other video production companies. Give us a call today so we can get started on producing your next TV commercial. If your dream is to have an award-winning commercial under your belt, you won’t regret it.

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Advantages of Working with Start-Up Companies

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As a marketing agency, you’re continually aiding businesses with their advertising needs, helping them grow in their industries and overall bettering their chances at becoming a profitable and thriving business. While larger-scale businesses utilize marketing companies to handle their marketing campaigns, start-up companies are what really benefit marketing companies in the long run. You might be wondering how this can be, don’t bigger businesses have higher budgets and more to work with? Well, in this blog, we’re going to be going over the advantages of working with start-up companies as an advertising agency.

You Can Help Companies Develop a Voice

When you begin working with a start-up company, they might not have a clear idea of what their voice is going to be, which gives you the opportunity to help develop it. This is a great way to create content based on your teams’ talents, and you might even be responsible for being the agency that gave said business their identity.

More Flexibility with Strategies and Techniques

Along with being able to help a start-up define themselves, you’ll also have more leeway on the kind of content you’re producing, giving you the freedom to experiment with different marketing methods to really nail down a strategy that will help the business grow. Marketing companies are often faced with stubbornness to change when it comes to more developed companies, and this can sometimes interfere with progress. However, a smaller start-up company will most likely put more creative control in your hands, trusting you with helping them find what will work best.

Working with a start-up company comes with multiple advantages, so it’s good to remember to give them a chance instead of only working with bigger companies. While working with start-up companies, you’ll be able to experiment with new marketing techniques, which can ultimately help your agency grow as well, so don’t be afraid to lend a hand to your local businesses.

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Should Facebook and Instagram Videos be Made Individually for Each Platform?

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Social media is an integral part of any marketing company’s strategy today, and companies are making an effort to making sure they are utilizing social media as best as they can. When it comes to using social media platforms to advertise your brand, you might be wondering if it’s better to use the same video for each platform or if you should make each video explicitly tailored to a specific platform.

We here at Fusion 360 Agency believe that the best way to go about advertising on social media platforms is by creating different videos for the various platforms, and here are a few approaches that video production companies take when it comes to creating different types of videos.

Differences in Video


Facebook has been and still is the most widely used social media platform housing the most massive audience. When creating a video for Facebook, video production companies usually make them longer than Instagram videos, per se. These videos are meant to be packed full of information to help your audience learn more about your brand, services, or product. Facebook videos also work well when it comes to wider dimensions, and they can be played in full screen, as opposed to Instagram videos.


Instagram is the best social media if you want to take a more visual approach to your advertising methods. Photos and videos are the prominent and only content that you’ll find on Instagram, as opposed to Facebook where you can post written status updates. Instagram video should be kept to a minute maximum because short and direct content thrives more on the platform.


Twitter is a confusing platform because you’ll find both long and short videos on the site. Video production companies recommend that you stick to Instagram and Facebook for your advertising, because Twitter is a much more difficult platform to gain any traction, at least for the time being.

Video production companies utilize different video styles depending on the platform they’re going to be posting on to gain as much engagement as possible. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses that should be taken into account, and sometimes things like length and dimensions can determine how well your video does on a specific platform. Just make sure that you consider your tone, audience, and the purpose of the video before you start getting ready to post.

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Why We Love Instagram Stories

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Whether you’re a 15-year-old girl or a 35-year-old father, we are willing to bet that when you get on Instagram, you watch at least some of the stories posted by those you follow. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the simple update you hope to see or the enjoyment you get from polls, there’s something interesting about Instagram stories.

As a social media marketing company, we can tell you that we LOVE Instagram Stories, but our reasons might be different from the typical Instagram users. More than showing followers what we’ve been up to, we like using stories because of the increased visibility, linkability, creativity and lack of penalty that comes with posting a story for 24-hours.

Increased Visibility

From the companies or influencers you follow, have you noticed the consistency in which they post content to their stories? There is a reason for this. As you may well know, the most recently published stories usually show up at the top of your timeline — there is an algorithm that affects whose story you will see, but we won’t get into that. In other words, by post periodically throughout the day, the more people will see your content.

It may be difficult to understand, but think about it… If you post stories at 2:13, 2:45, 2:47, and then at 7:07, the story posted at 7:07 will make your day’s ENTIRE story more relevant. Let us explain: when you post at 2:13, maybe a handful of people on the app around that time will see your story, but they will miss the next two if they get off before you start posting. However, if those same individuals get back on around 7:30, they will likely see your two earlier posts from 2:45 and 2:47, AND THEN your 7:07 post. Additionally, if someone gets on at 6:20 and then again an hour later, they might miss your first three stories because they are not as relevant, but once they get back on the next hour, your story becomes relevant again, and they might see all four stories.

Social media marketing companies understand this and will advise individual companies to post throughout the day for more visibility.


Beyond what posting throughout the day can do for a company’s visibility, social media marketing companies also love Instagram Stories for their linkability. An excellent feature that Instagram recently added to their arsenal of features for their stories is linking the story to a website. Companies selling shoes, t-shirts, headphones, home decor, etc., can get people to their catalog by merely sliding upon an embedded story that features their product. Not only will a story navigate the viewer to a website, but it can also take them to a post within their Instagram account. And the more eyes you get on your product or account, the better the branding.

No Penalty for Posting

Last of all, when you post stories, they are no repercussions. Yes, you might need to be careful not to post so much that your followers get annoyed with you, but, unlike regular posts, posting a lot of stories won’t affect the algorithm. Social media marketing companies see Instagram Stories as a threat-free way to help get more eyes on their clients’ products and webpages.

To get help from a reliable social media marketing company, contact us at Fusion 360 agency.

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Why Your Company Needs a Brand Video

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Asking why your company needs a brand video is essentially asking why your company needs branding — you need to tell the world (or your community) who you are and how they will identify your brand! Some reasons support this claim, and we can tell you what exactly those reasons are.

As an expert video production company that produces a wide variety of films and videos for ma-and-pa businesses or more giant corporations alike, we know why your company needs a brand video. Essentially, through a brand video, your company will be able to share its story, communicate its values, build trust and leave consumers wanting more. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Telling Your Story

People love authenticity, and highlighting things like how your company was established and how it functions is something everyone appreciates. The first thing producing a brand video will do lift the blinds and open the doors to others trying to learn more about your company. Doing this creates transparency, something today’s consumers are looking for (and something a video production company can help you with). Consumers want to know they are working with an honest business, and by telling raw stories from within the walls of your company, you will be able to show everyone who your company really is.

Communicating Your Brand’s Values

Next to people’s appreciation of authenticity is their admiration for depth. What we mean here is, whether you are getting to the heart of an individual or the core of a particularly juicy story, people love details. Getting to know more about how someone tics or how something works makes people feel a deeper connection with whomever or whatever they are learning about. A brand video that communicates the brand’s values allows viewers to get past surface levels and create a stronger relationship with the company. Depending on how well the video production company executes the video, consumers should know who your company is and what to expect for years to come.

Building Trust

It’s excellent to help consumers (and clients) know who they are buying from (or working with), but without building trust, why would they want to? Telling your company’s story and communicating its values is only useful if it evokes the right kind of emotions in the viewers. Video production companies should know how to make your company’s unique characteristics compelling. When a brand video is made right — when it opens the blinds and tells an original story and communicates who your company is — you are essentially building a bridge between your company and your consumers. This bridge is what allows consumers the ability to trust and connect with the brand, forming a stronger relationship.

Leaving Your Audience Wanting More

By telling a raw story and building trust with the viewers of your brand video, they are going to be ready for more! The more your audience connects with your brand, the more loyal to your company they will be, and the more loyal they are, the more they’ll anticipate the next release from your company.

In the end, a brand video made by a professional video production company will help your current consumers better identify with your company, and help build up your brand recognition among those who do know you. For help creating your brand video, contact us at Fusion 360.