Brands and the People Who Are Loyal to Them

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You know who they are: the people at your office that will absolutely die if they don’t have the newest Apple product. Your parents who say they’ll always buy a Ford because its an American car. Your friends who hate Marvel movies but love DC movies.Your friends, family and co-workers (and more than likely you as well) are experience brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty is when a consumer will continually buy a particular service or product from one particular company because they believe it is the best fit for them. Great marketing agencies will focus on brand messaging for its clients so that those businesses can gain an audience that sticks around for the foreseeable future.

How Television Viewing Habits Are Changing

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If you look back fifteen years ago, we would have never imagined we would be watching TV the way we watch TV today. Do people really “watch TV’ anymore? Television is no longer checking the TV guide, figuring out what time the new episode of your favorite show is on and sitting down to watch it — those days are long gone.

Not every TV show is watched on traditional televisions anymore. Everyone wants to watch their shows when it’s convenient form them and without commercials of course. Now, advertising agencies may not advertise nearly as much on TV, but have many other opportunities to advertise.


Phones have changed the way we watch TV. Families still gather around and watch TV for some events, but this is only sometimes. Today, people are streaming Netflix and Hulu. Seventy-two percent of viewers use a mobile device to view video and 42 percent sit outside of their home.

Content Providers

Content providers are not Direct TV, Comcast or cable subscription. Now, there are other content providers that advertising agencies don’t have as much opportunity to advertise on. Apple TV provides TV shows, news, movies and sports; you can get thousands of videos for free on Amazon Prime — there is also Netflix and Hulu. Some of these providers force you to watch commercials, unless you pay for commercial-free viewing while others don’t even bother.


For those people who still want to watch some sort of live-TV, consumers have the opportunity to record and watch shows at their own convenience. This way, people can record shows from live TV and watch whenever they want. The best part is you have the ability to skip through commercials, too.


Everyone multitasks now; no one really sits down and watches TV. They are usually reading e-mails, viewing social media posts or browsing the web.

The way TV is being watched has drastically changed. People just don’t “watch TV” using their TVs anymore. This change is forcing advertising agencies to adapt and become rather creative to be able to reach consumers. Advertising agencies are accepting change with open arms.

Advertising and Technology – The Battle for Power

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In 2017, we are seeing the mass emergence of many different technological platforms such as Virtual Reality (VR), self-driving cars and dominance of non-traditional television platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. With this technology changing how we interact with media, products will emerge and others will fall. Innovation is the name of the game.

Our media consumptions habits are changing daily and large tech companies such as Facebook and Google are having larger pressures from large businesses to deliver higher quality ad-serving platforms. On the opposite side, advertising and marketing agencies are competing for business and trying to drive growth of their clients through SEO and content marketing.

To further prove the shift to digital platforms, digital ad spending overtook TV for the first time ever in 2016; experts say this is due to the Summer Olympics and the Presidential election. Globally, TV is still leading in ad spending. While many in the advertising arena would like to debate which one is more effective, the shift to digital is real and advertisers need to recognize this.

Apps and Ads

Large companies with billions of dollars in an advertising budget such as McDonald’s are now turning straight to social platforms such as Snapchat to assist in the marketing of their brand to allure teens to apply for jobs.

While this is becoming a trend for major corporations, these prominent social platforms are now having to provide scalable advertising analytics for their dollars spent. Scaling the analytics for advertising campaigns has been a thorn in the hide of Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Twitter.

With the freedom of the internet also comes the one percent that ruin it for the rest of us. In March 2017, major brands such as Honda pulled their advertising from YouTube as their ads were appearing on extremist websites and other content they deemed to be inappropriate to their brand.

While these platforms have nearly all the attention, there is demand from users and advertisers to create systems to filter out hate speech and the new trend of ‘fake news’ through development of algorithms.

Traditional Advertisers

While we are consuming media at an all time high, traditional media spenders need to think long and hard about where they are placing their advertising dollars. Unlike previous generations, Millennials and Generation Z’s have no problem tuning out your annoying 30-second spot on TV.

While traditional television advertising works to reach a broad audience, it does not have the granular analytics that digital platforms do. If an advertising agency is to spend on traditional mediums, the creative must be engaging and provide value to the viewer, or they will be tuned out faster than the latest Nickelback album.

When evaluating where to spend your ad dollars, auditing your ad spend and re-strategizing with an advertising agency like Fusion 360 in Salt Lake City, Utah may be your best option.

Where is the Value in Digital Marketing?

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With traditional advertising techniques taking a blow from modern technological advances, it is important for the media to adapt to evolving marketing approaches — digital marketing companies are doing just that.

Our world is becoming a digital breeding ground, we get our news from online articles, we do our shopping online, we even use technology as our main form of communication. However, where is the value in digital marketing? As a $62 billion-dollar industry, it is important to know where that revenue is coming from so that up and coming agencies can thrive in the modern world. Here is where the value lies when it comes to digital marketing.


The Downfall of Malls and Rising of Digital Commerce

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In 2017, various businesses are either rising or crashing. Right now, we are seeing the beginning of the end for malls. Studies have shown that in 2021, 25 percent of malls will be closed. With the emerging rise of e-commerce, Americans are starting to ditch large retailers like Macy’s, JC Penney’s and Sears for digital companies such as Amazon. To understand this downfall, let’s look at the past, present and future of the American consumer.

Digital marketing companies have predicted this downward trend occurring over the past 15 years and are beginning to capitalize on their correct predictions of the fall of the American mall lifestyle. With marketing firms targeting consumers with extremely competitive pricing of products and the inconvenience of driving to a mall and walking, malls will become obsolete. Property management companies must begin to restructure their business model to deliver further value.


To give a bit of a history lesson, let’s step back in time a bit. In 1956, the very first indoor shopping mall called Southdale opened outside Minneapolis. After the exploding popularity of malls, there was a large retail boom in the United States.

In 1960, there were 4,500 malls that made up 14% of retail sales. In 1987, there were 30,000 malls accounting for over 50% of all retail dollars spent. Malls were the emerging destination for commerce, hanging out and community gathering events.

Malls were the place to be and quickly became a staple in the American lifestyle.


Since 2006, no new indoor malls have been built. This is around the time that online commerce began to emerge. Digital marketing companies have taken notice of this and capitalized on the shift of attention from malls to iPhones. Since 2004, the net sales revenue of Amazon has risen from 6.92 billion to nearly 136 billion dollars.

This is now where our eyeballs and dollars have all shifted to. With less hassle and lower prices, the incentive of going to the mall for relaxation or socializing has become a thing of the past.


In the age of embarrassing viral videos of people stomping over each other at Walmart over a discounted TV on Black Friday, the experience of shopping amongst other American consumers is increasingly negative. If malls are not providing a product or event that requires in person attendance, they will fail.

Marketing firms that represent these properties are looking at new avenues of either providing further value to American consumers to re-attract them, or re-purposing these structures to self-storage, doctor’s offices or apartment structures.



Less is More, Right?

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When it comes to advertising or marketing agencies, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Agencies can range anywhere from 10 to 1,000 people, and serve many different functions. As eyeballs continue to shift every single day, companies with large marketing budgets are trying to figure out the best ways to target the right people, spend dollars in the right places and ensure effectiveness in their messaging.

The debate of size in regard to an advertising agency is definitely a conversation to be had. Here are just a few differences to keep in mind when deciding to outsource your content marketing, SEO or video production to an advertising agency.

Contact With the ‘Head Honcho’

If you were to hire an agency that employs 500+ people, what are the odds you will be dealing directly with the CEO? Slim to none. If you are to work at an agency with under 50 people, the odds are much higher that you will work with the shot caller. When managing millions of marketing dollars, there needs to be streamlined communications to ensure tasks are completed effectively. The path of least resistance is the best route to travel.

The Workplace

With many companies that we see today, the ‘growing pains’ can sometimes be too much to handle. With a smaller agency, the vision and mission are able to be maintained with much less effort. Keeping an equal workplace mindset is crucial to the quality of the work produced for its clients. A loss in workplace continuity can cause headaches for everyone.

Attention to Your Work

At a larger agency, work can fall by the wayside very easily; a smaller agency overvalues its clients as each one is extremely vital to the company. Your marketing dollars are the lifeblood of your company, and the last thing needed is for your company to fall lower on the priority list because of your budget.

Agencies are ensuring the success of your marketing dollars on an everyday basis. As these agencies are analyzing the daily shifts in attention, marketing dollars need to be spent as efficiently as possible. When choosing an agency for your business, consider that bigger doesn’t mean better and agencies are not ‘one size fits all.’



Building a Social Following

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The more followers you have on social media, the more people know who you are. In this day and age having a strong social following can get you far in life. Marketing agencies found in Utah have known this for years, that’s why this great state is on its way to becoming the Silicon Slopes. How do you turn your channels into something hotter than a fidget spinner?


Networking online can bring many wonderful opportunities. You are able to connect with anyone and everyone with just a few clicks. The more people that follow you, the more connections you are making. By influencing those who value your brand, you can share the ideas with their followers.

Start online conversations with those who have a high influence on their followers, such as the head of an advertising agency. They can mention you during your conversation, which leads to their followers seeing your profile. Following industry professionals and participating in their conversations will increase your number of profile clicks and followers.


When deciding on a theme you want to be original. Your theme should show the online world who you are. The theme of your social media profiles include content you post, filters you use and overall the look of your profile. You can reach out to an advertising agency to help you or create your own theme.

Your social media platforms should have a similar theme. Choosing different themes for each platform can confuse your followers. The first step in having a successful theme is choosing a personalized username that people can remember. From there decide what type of content you want to post.


Content is everything. The main reason your followers follow you is because of what you post. Your content should be original and fit in one of the following categories useful information, entertainment, inspiring or exclusive. Sharing useful information will increase your credibility and increase the number of shares. Entertaining posts get people’s attention. Followers will be more likely to share a funny post compared to a serious one.

Inspirational content gives your brand a more personable feel, which will result in more shares. Everyone enjoys exclusive content.

If you find building a social following is hard reach out to an advertising agency for a few tips.



What Is It Like to Intern at Fusion 360?

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Imagine peacefully working on school work in a hipster coffee shop and all of a sudden a nerf dart gets shot directly at your head. Well, that happens on a daily basis here at Fusion 360. This makes senses being as there is a sign in the office that reads dissidents, meaning a person who opposes official policy. It’s no wonder life is so exciting around here.

What We Do

Fusion 360 is the number one digital advertising agency in Utah. You will have a wide variety of clients to create content for. There are five main departments which include: SEO, social media, video, design and content writers. If you decide to intern at Fusion 360 you can pick which department you are most interested in. How cool is it that you practically pick your position?

Set Your Own Schedule

This depends highly on whether you are doing it for school credit or just for your stipend. Depending on your hour requirement for school you can usually come and go as you please within the normal office hours. To receive your stipend you must work 20 hours a week.

Why Is It Fun?

Do you remember that time you had a pudding party? You probably don’t because you’ve never had one, but we do here. Also, there is a casual ping pong table chilling in the office so you can get your creative juices flowing if you’re having a writer’s block. Working with an elite group of website design nerds is a blast, especially when you cream them in ping pong.

Everyone is extremely social. If you need a place to eat or hike, they will steer you in the right direction. The work environment is so friendly that sometimes you have to have typing races just to get your work done instead of chatting.

Working at one of Utah’s elite marketing firms will stand out on your resume. Why not gain a step away from your peers?

Don’t Get Left Behind, Make the Switch to Digital

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In a time where Twitter wars are an actual thing, it’s no wonder why traditional marketing is a dying breed. Marketing agencies are making the switch, but some, like Fusion 360, have been digital from day one.

The advantages of going digital are simple. At Fusion, we let you have a voice. As opposed to traditional marketing, digital allows the client to choose how they wish to interact. It has been proven that some people are visual learners while others need the hands-on experience. The same can be said for digital marketing. For some, a web blog will do the trick but others may enjoy a quick video. Here at Fusion 360, we let you decide.

Besides letting you pick between mediums, marketing agencies — like us — get your message out faster. We could put your message out in a newspaper and hope that the paper boy delivers your mail, or you can go digital — going digital means shares, retweeting and more.

By letting us get your message out electronically, you will able to reach a bigger audience. Targeting one audience is child’s play. With digital, you can target those in even the most remote corners of the world (as long as they have access to Wi-Fi.)

We know that life happens in real time, so why should you have to wait for your data? If you work for a company that thrives off real time results, digital marketing can help with that, too.

Digital marketing companies can also help you save a buck or two. Going paperless means spending less money. The money that you would be spending by printing flyers can finally go towards something more important, like getting that office pet.

Digital is better for obvious reasons. When you decide to switch over (if you haven’t already), find the company that will lead you through the digital revolution.