What Frame Rate Should You Film In?

It’s become standard for video production companies to shoot their videos at 24 frames per second, but are there other frame rates that you can utilize to make sure that you create the best quality video possible? It’s been known in the video production world that this number is used because it’s the best way to give your video a more cinematic look.

Surprisingly, shooting in this frame rate is actually an old cinema method that’s been used for decades. So, that answers the question, why? There’s no reason that video production companies should even bother shooting in other frame rates, right? While this frame rate might work for a majority of video productions, there are a few occasions where recording a video in other frame rates is a more viable option. Here are some situations where you’ll want to shoot using a frame rate other than 24 frames per second.

Shooting Animations

Classic animators had to draw all their animations by hand, which is why they opted to shoot their animations at 12 frames per second. If you’re wanting to shoot classic style animations, you’re going to want to shoot at said 12 frames per second.

Sitcom and Commercial Style

Thirty frames per second is going to be your best friend if you’re wanting to shoot something that mimics a home movie or sitcom. While video productions shot at 60 frames per second, the previous standard shot at 30 fps. Many video production companies would agree that shooting at 30 or 60 fps allows the shot to feel a little more smooth and capture personal interaction better. For that reason, some commercials are also shot at 60 fps to capture the emotion.

Live Action and Sports

Sports and other live action broadcasts require slow-motion, which needs to be shot at a much higher fps. To see the sideline catch of a football game or if a players toe was on the 3-point line at a basketball game, cameras will need to be able to shoot up to at least 120 or 240 frames per second. More recently, these sporting events are shooting at an astounding 300 frames per second to capture super slow-motion shots.

Video production companies use different frame rates for different video productions, and it’s important for you to know which frame rate will work best for you. If this guide hasn’t answered all your questions, or if you’re just looking for a reliable video production company to help you with your next project, give us a call.


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