POSITION: Social Video Producer
CATEGORY:  Social Media & Video Production
STATUS:  Full-Time Employee
LOCATION: Salt Lake City, Utah Office


Fusion 360 (www.fusion360studios.com) is on the prowl for a SOCIAL VIDEO PRODUCER to join our award-winning team of digital dragoons. If you know social media like Trump knows a good spray tan, can cook up social videos that are shared faster than a STD at Coachella and you dig digital media, specifically social media and social video production, like a chubby kid digs sweat pants -then this position might fit you like a new pair of skinnys.

These digital story-tellers will assist in brainstorming, writing scripts, producing and posting social videos on client’s owned, earned and paid channels. -Think in Katniss Everdeen in Chucks armed to the teeth with a DSLR and a specced-out Mac Pro. Bonus points if you know the Electric Slide, Macarena or the Moon Walk -Friday afternoons can get a little weird.


Fusion 360 is a next-generation boutique shop, serving up more hot digital sustenance than Satan’s Sous Chef. We develop award winning digital strategies for local and regional companies and brands. Not to get all “braggy” on you, but we have won Webbys, Tellys, Communicators, Davys and we are Utah’s ONLY Emmy-Award winning agency, with 3 Emmys and 15 Emmy Nominations.


  • Old-school Beastie Boys Jams.
  • Having your Social Media game on lock, and no, we’re not talking about just firing off a few weekly posts to your Insta and Snap.
  • Ability to shoot and edit basic video footage.
  • Able to thrive in a branded content news room environment and meet deadlines each week.
  • Being comfortable and having experience on camera, a plus.
  • Our moms.
  • Ability to conceptualize and write basic social video scripts.
  • Proficient juggler (or any circus-like skills).
  • Experience with additional Adobe CC applications, like In Design, Photoshop and/or After Effects, would be both sick and tight.
  • Ability to be a digital marketing agency “rock star”, less the attitude and that whole snorting coke off Vegas hookers, thing.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Hard-to-understand office British dude.
  • 100% Covered Employee Health Insurance
  • Steezy office with super chill working atmosphere.
  • Free drinks and snacks, ping pong and foosball
  • Opportunity to learn from and work with some of the brightest digital marketing, advertising and brand journalism minds.


If, after reading this, your stoke-level is off the charts -lets chat.

Please submit ALL of the following to: newgig@fusion360studios.com

  • Cover letter.
  • Resume.

Please follow-up via email only. All phone calls and walk-ins will be publicly flogged and forced to listen to Nickelback


Apply now at newgig@fusion360studios.com