About the job

Frontend Developer (React)

**NOTE: This is a 100% in-office, non remote/hybrid position. Please do not apply if you are looking for a remote/hybrid opportunity.**


Do you speak React(TypeScript), CSS, Figma, Vulcan and some Wookiee? Do you love Software Development + Design more than Trump loves a good spray tan and you can cook up clean, efficient, beautiful code that leads to projects being shared faster than a STD at Coachella and you dig web dev/software engineering like Zach Wilson digs moms? If so, then lead us your eyeballs!

Fusion 360 (www.fusion360studios.com) is on the hunt for a FRONTEND SOFTWARE DEVELOPER to join our award-winning team of digital dragoons. You would help build and oversee the frontend development of our software products as well as the frontend development of agency and client websites. Responsibilities include building clean, efficient code; working with our back-end devs; working with our UI / UX designers to ensure the look and functionality are all amazing. Potentially, you could also help with back-end coding in Python (FastAPI), PostgreSQL and Redis. You could also potentially help design if you are a Figma prototyping ninja.

Bonus points if you know the Macarena, Moon Walk or the Griddy -Friday afternoons can get a little weird.



Fusion 360 is a 21+ year old digital ad shop and SaaS start-up. We serve up more hot digital sustenance than Satan’s Sous Chef. Founded in 2003, we’ve forgotten more about digital marketing than most places will ever know. We develop award-winning digital strategies for local and regional companies and brands. We have won Webbys, Tellys, Communicators, Davys and we are Utah’s ONLY Emmy-Award winning agency (humble-brag).



•Jedi mastery of HTML, CSS and React (TypeScript preferred) Vulcan and some Wookiee.

•Knowledge of asynchronous Python (FastAPI), PostgreSQL and Redis would be both sick and tight.

•Old-school Beastie Boys Jams.

•3+ years of React experience and a solid understanding of some of the more current features (hooks, contexts, RxJS, etc.).


•Jaw-dropping web dev portfolio.

•3+ years of CSS experience including working with CSS modules (Bootstrap or Tailwind).

•Proficient juggling (or any circus-like skill).

•3+ years of HTML.

•Our moms.

•2+ years of experience with visual graphing and charting solutions.

•4 year college degree or experience equivalent.

•Technical SEO game on lock.

•Google Analytics management experience would be both sick and tight.

•Mastery of WordPress

•Responsive coding game on lock.

•Ability to keep your head on a swivel, when you find yourself in the middle of a vicious Nerf-Gun fight.

•Confidence. Cockiness, not so much.

•Ability to be a digital agency + SaaS Co web dev “rock star”, less the attitude and that whole snorting coke off Vegas hookers, thing.



•Competitive salary.

•100% covered employee health benefits.

•PTO and paid holidays

•Fully-stocked fridge with snacks

•In-office massage therapy on the reg

•Ping pong, foosball and XBOX.

•Steezy digital ad shop + SaaS co with super chill working atmosphere.

•Occasional long days fueled by Red Bull, Cafe Rio and ping pong.



If, after reading this, you find your stoke-level is particularly high and you think you could be one of us, we’d love to have you in for a beverage, a chat and possibly a quick foosball/ping-pong, sesh.

Please send the following:


•Creative picture and/or video or yourself (best portraying your personal brand).

•Your web portfolio, site, github or whatever else you think we will make your case.

All phone calls and walk-ins will be publicly flogged and forced to listen to Nickelback.