Do you love social media and digital content creation more than Kanye loves Kanye?

Fusion 360 ( is looking for a DIRECTOR OF CONTENT MARKETING to join our award-winning team of digital dragoons.

This is a senior-level position, so in addition to having 3-5 years of killer content marketing/industry thought-leadership experience, we’re also looking for someone with some serious digital chops, who could produce high-level/authoritative owned and earned media content like e-books, white papers, guides and reports; and someone who has the ability to competently manage projects, employees and present to clients (when necessary). Think Yoda in Chucks with an iMac/Pages instead of a light saber. Bonus points if you know the Electric Slide and/or Macarena -Friday afternoons can get a little freaky. If this position sounds like it fits you like a new pair of skinny jeans, read on.
Fusion 360 is a next-generation digital shop, serving up more hot digital sustenance than Satan’s Sous Chef. We develop award-winning digital strategies for local and regional companies and brands. In fact, Fusion 360 was just named to the RNKED list of “Top 100 Global Agencies” (Ranked #70 Globally, #50 in the US and #1 in Utah).

We don’t walk, we run. We don’t follow, we lead. We dream, and then we do. Our ideas are big, but our results are bigger. Bigger still is our pursuit of excellence in our team.
• Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Humanities or Communications.
• Online research game on lock.
• Our moms.
• Ability to manage people as well as multiple projects.
• Ridiculous Social Media skills.
• Proficient juggler (or any circus-like skills).
• Ability to plan and manage thousands of pieces of content per month.
• Digs digital media like a chubby kid digs sweat pants.
• Knowledge of digital marketing trends and best practices, including SEO.
• Firm grasp of AP style and creative writing techniques.
• Ability to write and pitch content to appear on third party news and blog sites.
• Old-school Beastie Boys Jams.
• Audience-listening and monitoring experience.
• Stellar dance moves and Top Gun-style high fives encouraged
• Able to meet deadlines each week.
• Ability to be a digital marketing agency “rock star”, less the attitude and that whole snorting coke off Vegas hookers, thing.
• Competitive Salary
• 100% Covered Employee Health Insurance
• Hard-to-understand office British dude.
• Free drinks, snacks, ping pong, foosball and XBOX.
• Steezy office with super chill working atmosphere.
• Opportunity to learn from and work with some of the brightest digital marketing, advertising and brand journalism minds.
If, after reading this, your stoke-level is high and you think you are one of us, we’d love to have you in for a coke, a chat and possibly a foosball/ping-pong sesh.

Please submit ALL of the following to:
• Cover letter.
• Resume.
• Writing Samples
• Creative photo and/or video best portraying your personal brand.

Please follow-up via email only. All phone calls and walk-ins will be publicly flogged and forced to listen to Nickelback.


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